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10 Jan

Travelers – Phone Home Totally Free!

Google VoiceInternational travelers sing hallelujah – there’s finally an easy way to phone home from anywhere in the world totally free!!! It’s fast, easy, and free.  I’ve tried it and I LOVE IT!

The folks at Google Labs have developed a computer to phone calling system that works from any GMail account.  If you don’t have a GMail address, get one today at – yes, it’s free.

To make a call – sign into your GMail account on any computing device and click on “Call Phone” that appears in the left column.  You’ll be directed to download the application once. 

A dial pad pops up when you click on the green telephone icon and you just enter the number you want to dial – it can be a land-line, mobile number or 800 number – no problem and no cost for all of 2011.

Of course they are also more robust services that can be tailored at  You can select an exclusive Google phone number, record a voice mail message, and redirect incoming calls to any of your existing phone numbers.  Pretty great stuff!

Caveat: Google says that the service is only available in the USA, but I’m using it to call from my computer to phone lines in the US with no problem or cost.

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