It feels like only yesterday when we were celebrating Christmas and yet Pottsitauny Phil has promised that Spring is already fast approaching. Now is the time to plan your escape to another part of the world this Spring.   Why not take this opportunity to plan a journey to one of the world’s best spring festivals?  Here’s a look at  some of our favorite Spring festivals that are well worth putting our your bucket list.

Brazil (Mardi Gras Carnival)

Brazel CarnivalIf lavish carnivals are your thing then head down to Brazil where the world famous Mardi Gras carnival will be taking place on 5 March. Here Rio de Janeiro comes alive with people dancing in the streets all day and night. Extravagant parades feature colorful floats and costumes that surround you as everyone dances to the rhythm of a Samba beat. Come together with the locals to celebrate this African-American tradition and leave all your worries behind.

Tips for planning a trip to Brazil Carnival:

  • Book your accommodation early! This carnival is one of the most popular and biggest ones of its kind so make sure you book your hotel in advance to avoid disappointment.
  • The carnival can become quite crowded so beware of your valuables and only carry the essentials.
  • Plan which area of the city you wish to stay in and research the area beforehand. Make sure you are able to navigate yourself safely around the city. The safest areas are on the southern side of Rio so try to secure a hotel in these areas.


India (Holi)

India Holi FestivalDance to the rhythm of the pulsating drums of India where Holi is celebrated to welcome in the arrival Spring each year. Paint the town and yourself in colors as positive energy spreads throughout the towns and cities. Holi takes place in late March so why not immerse yourself in the colorful festivities.

Tips for celebrating Holi in India:

  • Wear old clothes which can be easily thrown away as they may become permanently stained.
  • Apply oil or cream all over your body before you partake in the celebrations. This will help protect your skin from any harmful chemicals and allow you to wash off the colors easily afterward.
  • Don’t apply colors near open wounds, eyes, nose, ears or other sensitive areas.

Italy (Carnevale d’Ivrea Orange Throwing)
This messy 3 day event takes place in the in the town of Ivrea, Italy and sees people throwing oranges at each other. Legend has it that back in the 12th century the Duke of the area started a tradition whereby he was allowed to spend the night with each newly married woman in his province. One young woman refused and chopped his head off, which started a revolution! The oranges therefore symbolize the head of the unfortunate Duke. Carnevale d’Ivrea takes place every year in late February and consists of 9 brightly costumed teams who attack each other with citrus fruit.

Tips for attending Carnevale d’Ivrea:

  • Wear a red cap if you do not wish to partake in the festivities. This shows the locals that you are just there to watch so you don’t get attacked by the oranges.
  • If you wish to take part in the action you’ll need to join one of the teams, which is easy to do, simply volunteer.

After this cold, drab winter, we know these fun Spring festivals are just what you need to put some laughter back in your life!

Article contributed by the travel experts at Holidays Please.  Contact them to arrange your Spring trip to one of these wonderful festivals.

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