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2 May

Extreme Teen Adventure Camps That Make Memories For a Lifetime

When your kids have outgrown swimming at the lake and singing summer camp songs, it’s time to send them on a grand summer adventure that will challenge their mind and body,  shape their futures and spark interest in the world around them.

Here are three well respected companies that specialize in exciting and adventurous summer camp programs that your teens will remember for the rest of their lives.

National Geographic Student ExpeditionsSend your inquisitive teenager on an exciting expedition with top National Geographic Society scientists.  National Geographic Student Expeditions specializes in summer adventures for teens completing grades 9 through 12.  Nat Geo invites them to ‘Explore, Engage & Create’ with noted National Geographic photographers, writers and scientists.  Student Expeditions follow the footsteps of legendary explorers in exotic locations across the globe from the Galapagos Islands, to  New Zealand, Barcelona, Costa Rica and Yellowstone National Park, where students learn to view landscapes and cultures with new appreciation.  Programs are offered in varying lengths from 10-12 day workshops to 2 or 3 week in-depth expeditions.  Send your inquisitive teenager on an expedition Indiana Jones would have been excited to participate in. 

Spirit of MassachusettsLast month as Clint and I were sitting in a sunny cafe in the seaport town of Fernandina Beach Florida, in strolled a merry group of seafaring buddies who turned out to be the Captain and crew of the Spirit of Massachusetts, a beautiful two masted schooner that serves as an ocean-going classroom for much of the year. The ship and crew were making their way northward along the east coast heading back to New England from a winter of sailing in Caribbean waters.  Captain Greg and First-Mate Matt filled us in about the wonderful sailing adventures available for middle and highschool students.  The Ocean Classroom Foundation offers one and two-week sailing adventures each summer aboard three traditional New England sailing Schooners, the Westward, the Harvey Gamage and the Spirit of Massachusetts. Aboard one of these proud sailing ships, seafaring campers explore coastal marine environments and learn “time-honored skills of sail handling, steering by compass, knots and splices and navigation”.  Just over 20 students make fast friends as they sail to protected marine environments such as the Studds-Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary to observe Humpback and Finback Whales in their summer feeding grounds.  If your son or daughter has always wanted to sail away into the sunset, here’s an adventure they won’t soon forget.

Pali Overnight AdventuresWhat kid wouldn’t love to have a summer adventure in California at Hollywood Stunt Camp, Secret Agent Camp, Rock Star Academy, Motorsports Camp or Acting Academy. All these adrenaline filled Hollywood centric camps and more are offered by Pali Adventures in the Lake Arrowhead area of California.  Pali Overnight Adventures offer 16 completely unique summer camps filled with extreme challenges that include 50+ activities for campers to choose from.  Kids aged 9 to 16 are invited to experience some of the most entertaining action adventures imaginable, all in the company of campers from over 17 countries.  They are sure to come home grinning from ear to ear!

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