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Amsterdam Beer Bike
6 Jul

5 Outragous Destinations for a Stag (Bachelor Party) Weekend

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If you’re planning a stag weekend (a.k.a bachelor party), you want it to be a once in a lifetime experience. Don’t bother following the crowd and visiting the same destinations, hitting up the same bars and beaches as all your friends have. You only get married once–so make your stag weekend unforgettable!

Amsterdam Beer Bike

Amsterdam Beer Bike

1.  Amsterdam: Maybe not the first place you think of for a “different” getaway. Make this weekend your own, however, by skipping the same busy clubs and coffee houses and try a new way to consume lager–the beer bicycle! This giant contraption is part bike, part bar, and all fun. It seats 8-18 people, and comes with a driver to transport you around Amsterdam. Pick your locations if you have somewhere in particular you’d like to visit. Nothing makes an entrance quite like 10 lads on a beer bike!



2.  Bratislava: Not only will a weekend here be cheaper than many other destinations, you can surprise the groom-to-be with a pretty remarkable experience. Get great seats to mud wrestling between bikini-clad babes, and watch them duke it out over drinks. Just when you think it can’t get any better, toss in the stag to join the action!

Croatia Yacht

Croatia Yachting

3. Croatia: For a more laid back Stag do, try sailing in Croatia. The utmost in lazy vacations, you can climb on board in Split, Croatia with nothing but a spare t-shirt and have everything taken care of for you. Imagine: a private boat filled with only your best mates, the captain, and a chef. Sail from one island to another in the Adriatic, taking time to swim and enjoy water activities.

Gladiator4. Newcastle: Don’t feel like flying for a weekend stag do? Stick closer to home with a party in Newcastle, but skip the overdone club scene and try something a little more unusual this weekend. Suit up for a gladiator duel between you and your mates and take it out on that one guy who is really getting on your nerves. Nothing relieves pre-wedding stress like battling it out!

men toasting5. Bristol: For a stag activity you’ll never forget, try the Somerset Challenge. The challenge consists of 7 crazy activities where you compete against each other for points, and ultimately, the title. Challenges include a cider run, drunken pub skittles, and welly wanging! If you’re not drunk enough by the time you’ve finished the challenges, a barbecue is provided at the finish complete with beers for all!

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