11 Jul

5 New Airline Trends Worth Keeping An Eye On

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AirplaneWe’re seen a number of great deals and new services announced by airlines in the past week.  Here are airline trends you’ll want to know about:

  1. Cathay Pacific is offering flights to Hong Kong for $100! To promote their new flight route from Chicago O’Hare to Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific will be selling flights for $100 to a lucky few.   A total of 100 tickets will be offered at the $100 price (which includes all taxes and fees).  Each Thursday during July (7, 14, 21, 28) 25 tickets will be put on sale at exactly 3:25 pm (Chicago time), 4:25 pm EST.  The tickets are eligible to US citizens and travel must be completed by December 31, 2011.    Check out all the details!
  2. Iceland Express has the cheapest flights to Europe this summer – they’re down right cheap at just $499 roundtrip! Qualifying flights are from New York or Boston to London, Copenhagen or Berlin for the remainder of the summer through late October, and must be purchased by July 15, 2011. There are similar deals to Paris and beyond.  Summer and Fall travel to the Continent has never been more affordable.
  3. It’s getting easier to fly to Grand Bahama Island. If you read our review of the wonderful  Old Bahama Bay Resort, you’ll know that this is exciting news. Vision Airlines (a Las Vegas based airline started in the mid 90’s) has announced new jet service to Grand Bahama Island beginning on November 11, 2011.   Introductory rates start at $89 +tax from Richmond, Virginia, Louisville, Kentucky, Raleigh-Durham North Carolina, Baltimore, Maryland and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Many of the island hotels are participating in a $250 credit promotion as well.   Grand Bahama Island makes a perfect destination for a long weekend escape as it’s located just 55 miles off the coast of Florida.  Get all the details at Vision Airlines and plan your vacation at
  4. Malaysia Airlines has announced that there will be no more crying babies in the First Class cabin on all their 747-400 planes.  Routes affected are flights between Sydney, London, Amersterdam and Kuala Lumpur.  On these routes infants will not be permitted to fly in the First Class cabin.  Let’s watch and see if this policy spreads to other international carriers!
  5. American Airlines is trying out a new boarding process, and apparently it’s causing havoc at airports. Rather than load the plane from back to front (as has been the process for many years), they are now loading according to who check in first.  So once the premium class cabin and elite flyers have been boarded, the folks who have checked-in via computer a day in advance will board the airplane first regardless of where they are seated.  As you might imagine, this causes a fair bit of confusion at the gate and congestion in the airplane aisles – we’ve heard that the flight attendants are not amused!  We’ll have to watch and see how successful this new process is.  If it saves time (money), look for it to be adopted by other airlines.  If it causes more angst than it’s worth, it will be dropped in short order.

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