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Europe River Cruise
9 Aug

A Newcomers Guide To River Cruising

A river cruise offers a very unique way of travelling. The Ships are much smaller than their ocean-bound counterparts, with an average sized river ship carrying around 150 passengers, giving you the opportunity to soak up scenery that cruise liners simply cannot access.

Amazon River CruiseAn example of this is the Amazon river cruise in Peru, which offers a very hands-on, up-close experience, taking in the sensational wildlife and scenery. Typically lasting 7-15 days, with a select few lasting a month or longer, river cruises are hugely popular among those who like to approach life at a slower pace, sailing calmly and exploring tranquil riverside towns. A river cruise is generally in common sight of land and there are very frequent stop-offs, giving you new places to explore at regular intervals.

The most common river cruises include trips along the Amazon, the Yangtze, the Rhine, the Seine, the Nile, the Volga, the Danube and the Mekong.

A majority of the cruises have a wide range of onshore/onboard activities, including visiting local landmarks and guided tours to cultural historic sites and museums. Tour guides also offer running commentary whilst you sail the rivers. You will notice that some river ships resemble a 5-star hotel, with excellent entertainment facilities, casinos, saunas, steam rooms, gyms and first class dining options all available onboard. All-inclusive options vary from ship to ship, and with over 30 river cruise operators currently offering voyages along inland waterways, there is a great deal of choice for all different budgets.

Viking River CruiseViking River Cruises offer a wide range of elegant, comfortable ships, with spacious accommodations and excellent all-inclusive packages. With Viking, everything from your meals to enrichment lectures are typically included in the initial price. Choose from cruises around Europe and Ukraine or as far afield as China and Vietnam. You will be taken care of by the personally recruited, English speaking staff, with 99.8% of their passengers commenting that Viking’s staff had met or exceeded their personal expectations.

Now you know a bit more about what river cruising is all about, it’s up to you to decide which river you feel suits you best. Whether it’s a stunning safari River Nile cruise or a sumptuous cruise surrounded by vineyards and castles on the River Rhine… The choice is yours!

Happy Cruising!


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