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Big Dog Bed and Breakfast
7 Sep

Weird and Wacky Lodgings From Around The World

If you’ve ever seen Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho you may have reservations (if you’ll pardon the pun) about staying in suspicious guest houses. If, however, you have a fond taste for the bizarre, macabre, or just downright ridiculous, then you may want to consider checking in to some of these strange delights from around the world… Just be careful when having a shower.

1. Errante Guest House, Chile
Hospederia ErranteDespite looking like a mixture between a semi-squashed cereal box and a painting by Salvador Dali, this strange structure is a fully functioning guest house. Easily the most bizarre building you’ll ever see, Errante Guest House is a treat for the traveller who’s tired of the ordinary.
Freak factor: 7/10

2. The Dog Park Inn, Idaho
Big Dog Bed and BreakfastEver wished you could live inside a giant dog? Probably not, unless you’re barking mad. Whether you’re into Beagles or Schnauzers, if canines are your calling then look no further than the quirky Dog Park Inn. Plush pooch furnishings adorn the walls, and there’s even a Portaloo that’s cleverly disguised as a giant fire hydrant.
Freak factor: 9/10

3. Kokopelli’s Cave Bed and Breakfast, New Mexico
Kokopelli Bed and Breakfast New MexicoNestled deep underground, this bed and breakfast is the ultimate in secluded coastal getaways. Originally created as an inspiring workplace for resident geologist Bruce Black, Kokopelli’s has now been transformed into a bed and breakfast. Despite being carved from sandstone that’s a whopping 65 million years old, the caves look surprisingly cosy and comfortable. Claustrophobic sorts might disagree, though.
Freak factor: 8/10

4. The Hang Nga Guest House, Vietnam
Hang Nga InnFondly referred to as The Crazy House, this quirky guest house consists of three free-form buildings that look as if they’ve effortlessly grown from the ground. The brainchild of former Vietnamese prime minister’s daughter, Hang Nga, the guest house is truly a sight to behold. Take a cup of tea in a huge giraffe before settling down under the watchful eye of a massive bird statue in the Eagle Room. Oh, and there are a few human sized make-shift spider webs hanging about, so watch where you walk.
Freak factor: 10/10

5. The Utter Inn, Sweden
Utter Inn SwedenSea-faring sorts will love this delightful underwater abode, which comes complete with twin beds and panoramic views of your fishy neighbours. Sitting solemnly in the middle of Lake Mälaren, the Utter Inn is the embodiment of the term ‘total isolation.’ There’s not a soul in sight for miles around, but if you fancy a spot of exploring you can paddle to a nearby uninhabited island with the canoe provided.
Freak factor: 9/10

6. Out ‘n’ About Treesort, Oregon
Treesort Bed and BreakfastRelive your childhood in Out ‘n’ About’s impressive array of sturdy Tree houses. Stay at the Swiss Family Complex to yodel at your kids from across the swinging bridge, or make like Tarzan and fly through the forest on one of the countless zip wires available. Be warned that some of the trees have platforms reaching 40 foot off the ground, so if you’re not a fan of heights you best give this one a miss.
Freak factor: 8/10

7. The Boot Bed and Breakfast, New Zealand
The Boot Bed and BreakfastYou don’t have to be pint-sized to live in this shoe, nor do you have to be an old lady with hundreds of children. Made for two, the Boot Bed and Breakfast may be cosy but it certainly doesn’t scrimp on the luxuries. Relax by the cosy fireplace while tossing back the champagne and wondering why on earth you’ve never thought of staying in a boot before.
Freak factor: 7/10

8. Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast
Lizzie Borden InnTravellers with a penchant for the macabre can test their mettle at this spooky bed and breakfast. The story goes that Lizzie Borden went at her dear step-mother and father with a hatchet, and although she was acquitted for the murders she has remained a notorious figure in American folklore. Take a peek at the scene of the crime and, if you’re feeling brave enough, spend the night in one of the Borden’s former rooms.
Freak factor: 10/10

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