Banaue Rice Terraces
26 Sep

Real Wonders Of The Philippines

The Philippines is a country not only rich in history but rich in culture, and wondrous beauty. The following are a collection of recommendations not to be missed during your visit to the Place of Real Wonders.

Manila Philippines

Most travellers visiting the Philippine Islands will fly into the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, which serves the two largest cities in the country: Quezon City and Manila. The Ninoy Aquino International Airport is also the Philippine hub for cities in Asia such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo. The best way to plan a trip is by arranging a vacation package that includes your airfare, hotel, ground transportation and even recreational activities. 

Intranueros FountainManila is perhaps the most familiar city in the Philippines and is the capital as well as the cultural and economic center of the country. The City of Manila’s incorporated history goes back nearly 500 years and like any other major international city, it has all sorts of interesting attractions to see and do. Among the top attractions in the city are the Intramuros or “Walled City”, which is located in the oldest portion of the city and close the city’s waterfront. The walls were built during the time of the Spanish rule and the area also features the Manila Cathedral, the San Agustin Cathedral, Fort Santiago and the Museum of the Filipino People. As you would expect in the country’s capital there are plenty of outstanding accommodations and quality ethnic foods all over the city. The nightlife is also on par with any major international destination. Manila and the Philippine Islands are also well known for its many interesting shopping malls.

Quezon City was the capital city of the Philippines for nearly 30 years and along with Manila, is on the island of Luzon. The city is home to the University of the Philippines, known to be the only “national university”, as well as the 2nd oldest church in the country, the San Pedro Bautista Church. Another important church in the city is the Binondo Church, in a section considered to be the oldest known Chinatown in the world.

Mt. Mayon PhilippinesAlso on the island of Luzon are the majestic Mount Pinatubo and the scenic Pagsanjan Falls. Mount Pinatubo is an active volcano and the nearby Lake Pinatubo, is popular for hiking and biking. Pagsanjan Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in the country and also a top tourist attraction. One of the top activities at the falls is an exciting canoe ride that leads to the falls. Another famous mountain in the Philippines is the Mayon Volcano, with its almost perfectly shaped cone, in the Bicol Region.

Banaue Rice TerracesOn the island of Nayong, the Banaue Rice Terraces is the top attraction and long considered to be the “Eighth Wonder of the World” and a World Heritage Site. The rice terraces were carved out of the mountain ranges thousands of years ago. Today the terraces are still used by the local rice farmers.

Another very popular tourist attraction in the Philippines is the Camp John Hay resort in Baguio City. This world-class resort is host to elegant accommodations, fine dining and a Jack Nicklaus designed championship golf course. Other recommended sites in Baguio City are the Bell Amphitheater, Liberty Park and the Mermaid Garden.

Boracay  PhilappinesThe Philippine Islands also have some of the finest beaches in the world and resemble many of the more familiar locations such as Hawaii’s Waikiki Beach or the beaches of Tahiti. Among the most popular beaches near Manila are the Kabayan Beach and San Juan Beaches but the best beach in the country may be the beaches of Boracay Island.  If you do visit Boracay, you will soon discover that the journey to this magical island was well worth the effort. 

As you can see, there are plenty of interesting attractions to see and do in the Philippine Islands. Not only are the major cities of Manila and Quezon fascinating, but the outlying areas of Nayong and Boracay are as well. By visiting the Philippine Islands, you will treat yourself to an unforgetable  vacation full of real wonders.

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