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10 Oct

Lost It? Found It? There’s A Great New Solution For Lost and Found

One of the life’s worst feelings is realizing that you have lost your very pricey cell phone or laptop while traveling or simply while at home doing errands.  An innovative company has introduced a brilliant system for protecting your valuables from loss. is a terrific (free) Lost and Found Service that simplifies the process of connecting found objects with their rightful owners. labelI’m Honest appeals to the inherent honest nature of people who find lost items and simplifies the process of connecting with the owner while protecting both party’s identity.  Common uses of the service include locating lost pets, laptops, cell phones, luggage, cameras, keys, sunglasses, purses, wallets – you name it!  Here’s how it works: allows people to register items they have found or lost in a database, with pictures, that can be easily searched for matches.  When a match is found both parties are notified by email.  Watch the ImHONEST Video to see it in action ImHONEST Video

I'm Honest StickersFor hard surface items, I’m Honest produces adhesive labels  that can be attached to important items to protect them from loss.  For valuables with an ImHONEST id number, the process of locating your lost item is very easy.  Finders can use the code to report the item found by calling a toll-free number 24/7 or by using the website.  Found items can be dropped off at any UPS Store nationwide for return to the owner at no cost to the finder, or a pick-up service can be arranged.  AND as a reward, sends the finder a gift of ImHonest ID labels worth $30.

Multi-Purpose Packages of labels can be purchased for as little as $14.99 which includes one year’s service of following your unique ID number.

As reports, in 2005 more than 85,000 phones and 21,000 PDAs were lost in Chicago taxis!  Don’t wait to be a statistic – get your labels, and for the first time have peace of mind that your lost items will actually find their way home!

Photo credits:  #1 flickr-brettsnyder, #2 website


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