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China Circle Hotel
24 Oct

5 of the World’s Most Unusual Budget Hotels

If you are tired of the run-of-the-mill hotel chains which make up a sizable chunk of the budget to mid-range hotel sector, there are a number of ways you can give your vacation the edge but still get a bargain by staying in an unusual cheap hotel.

Try bunking down in a cave as the Turkish nomads once did, get out on the water with a floating hotel or climb to the forest canopy to sleep in a treehouse. Now where is that adventurous spirit of yours? For your next vacation try staying…

In a treehouse…Turkey

Kadir's Tree House HotelEvery kid dreamed of sleeping in a treehouse and in the enchanting valley of Olympos in Turkey, such dreams can come true! Kadir’s Tree House has something for everyone. Thrill seekers can enjoy a host of watersports and hiking, others might prefer lounging on the stunning beach complete with turquoise and clear water, also a spot where the loggerhead turtles come to breed so it is also fantastic for nature lovers. There is an onsite bar and pizza restaurant and breakfast is included in the price.

On a jumbo jet…Sweden

Stockholm Jumbo Jet HostelNo chance of travel sickness on this one. Jumbo Stay STF/HI is a converted Boeing 747-200 Jumbo Jet parked at Arlanda Airport outside Stockholm. So, if you have an early flight to catch in the morning, this hotel is ideally situated just 10 minutes ‘walk from the airport check-in .You can even stay in the exclusive cockpit suite, the most luxurious space to be converted in to sleeping quarters.

On a river…Serbia

ArkaBarka-River HostelFloating idly on the river Danube Arkabarka Floating Hotel is a multi-storey houseboat accessible from a small jetty. Out on the water it offers spectacular views across to the Kalemegdan fortress and Ratno Ostrvo (War Island) which you can enjoy from many of the bedrooms as well as the bar and communal balcony. It is moored at the edge of Usce Park, a charming leafy location for your stay in Belgrade and guests can make the most of the free cycle hire.

In a castle…Italy

Medieval Tower ItalyNow, everyone want to feel like the bees knees by staying in a castle at least one in their life. And the 14th century Castello di Galeazza in Bologna will help you with that fantasy. Only 45 minutes from the city centre, the castle is something of a rural retreat, the perfect place to catch up on some reading – there are plenty of nooks and crannies where you can disappear with a good book or lounge in a hammock in the surrounding

In circles…China

China Circle HotelYou won’t have seen anything like them before in your life. The Yude-style building, which is the Zhangzhou Wei Qun Lou Inn, was built in 1802 in the Fujian province of China. It suffered fire damage started by a warlord and in 1972 was rebuilt to house six families. The complex of round houses can be seen from the hills and some say they appear to represent a ‘beautiful apron of girls’. The architectural space is particularly stunning at night in the glow of red Chinese lanterns which hang from every floor. The building is now listed as World Cultural Heritage for its representation of Hakka culture.

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