London Tower Bridge
2 Nov

Three Major Airlines Put Europe On Sale

London Tower BridgeTo celebrate the one-year anniversary of their joint transatlantic partnership, British Airways, American Airlines and Iberia Airlines have launched a terrific winter sale.  British Airways is quoting fares as low as $86* round-trip from New York (and major east coast airports) to London.  American Airlines is advertising round-trip fares between JFK and LHR starting at $224*.  Similarly low fares are available from airports across the US to destinations throughout Europe.

Don’t you just cringe when you see that little * asterisk sign?  It means whatever the ad is saying they are about to introduce so many term, conditions, and fees that you won’t recognize the original offer!  Well this sale while it is a step in the right direction does indeed come with a whole host of restrictions and additional government taxes.    Your final ticket price will likely be hundreds of dollars more by the time all the taxes and fees are added in.  The British Airways sale uses the Fare Basis OKXNAJB.  A travel agent can easily help you identify days that this fare would be available and what the final ticket price will be.

Tickets for the Europe sales must be purchased by November 15, 2011 for travel between November 8th and May 21, 2012.  All travel must be completed by June 15, 2012.  The least expensive days for travel to Continental  Europe are Sunday through Thursday, and Monday to Wednesday are the least expensive travel days to the UK.

photo credit – flickr: Trodel