Sublime Delights of the Exuma Islands – Deep Fried Lobster Tails & Swimming Pigs!

Susan on Exuma Beach

Exuma in the Bahamas is filled with so many sublime delights, it’s a challenge to name just a few.  But without a doubt, the fried lobster tails and swimming pigs where mind blowing.

Never in my wildest dreams did I envision that I would have the chance (or desire) to swim with pigs, but that’s just what happened on my trip to the Bahamas last week!  I’m just back from a few days of play on the very beautiful island of Exuma in the Bahamas and believe me…. this is one fantastic island!

Island of ExumaOr to be more exact… Exuma is a long (archipelago) chain of 365 islands and cays.  Imagine, one beautiful island for every day of the year!  The constantly changing depths of water running between islands guarantee a mesmerizing show as shifting turquoise water slides over pure white sand.

Tropic of Cancer BeachSusan on Exuma Beach

The islands outside of Nassau are called The Out Islands, but I think they should be called the “In” islands.  The miles of gorgeous untouched, unpopulated beaches have attracted the 1% crowd for years, including Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, Bill Gates, David Copperfield, Jackie O, Jessica Tandy, Nicolas Cage, and many more.  But while they are sequestered on a well protected private island, you can enjoy the same magnificent beauty while staying in one of Exuma’s intimate boutique hotels.

Exuma’s Charming Boutique Hotels
We had a delicious breakfast and great visit at the Peace and Plenty Hotel overlooking the harbor in George Town, and stayed at Palm Bay Beach Club a short distance away.  Both were completely charming with a relaxed congenial atmosphere, and fab views.  The Palm Bay Beach Club is a collection of adorable bungalows painted in bright Caribbean colors, and include an efficiency kitchen, comfy livingroom, bedroom and bath.  The resort is perched right on a beautiful  stretch of beach and most rooms have direct ocean views.  For those who enjoy larger resorts, Sandals Emerald Bay and Golf Resort is a sophisticated all-inclusive property that specializes in romance.


Santana's Grill PitDeep Fried Lobster TailsDee at Santana's

Renting a car to go exploring along the Queen’s Highway is a must.  After visiting Tropic of Cancer Beach to skip along the imaginary line of latitude that marks the northern tropics, we stopped at the incomparable Santana’s Grill Pit.  Here, overlooking yet another gorgeous beach, Dee produces some of the yummiest food on the planet from a bare-bones kitchen.  Just like Johnny Depp and the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean, we gorged ourselves on Deep-Fried Lobster Tails smother in sweet onions, macaroni and cheese, rice and peas, and creamy coleslaw.  Orgasmic!

Time to burn off some calories by making first footprints on long stretches of untamed beaches.  My travel companions find a bridge that is just too tempting – everyone overboard!
Jumping off Bridgebridge swimbuddy jump

If this isn’t heaven, it’s pretty damn close.
And what about those swimming pigs?….  Hysterical!!

swimming pigs









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