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Paphos Beach
24 Nov

Postcard From Paphos – Top Reasons to Put This Destination on Your Wish List

What do you look for in a holiday? A 5 star resort with heated swimming pools and an exotic bar open 24 hours a day? Or maybe somewhere with lots of well known attractions you can visit and tick off of your bucket list?

Everybody is different, but whatever your idea of a good holiday is, consider a visit to Paphos. And in case you want some reasons why you should visit, here are four to whet your appetite:

1. Experience the Perfect Climate
Paphos BeachThere is nothing worse than stepping off the plane with your Hawaiian shirt and sombrero on only to be met with torrential rain and icy winds. Thankfully, Paphos enjoys a climate that means whatever time of year you visit, you will not be disappointed. Long hot summers see an average temperature of around 26 degrees Celsius (79-F), while the winters are still reasonably pleasant and dry, which is why many tourists are found throughout the Paphos region during all months of the year. If you want to laze by the pool and work on that tan, visit between May and October. If you want a cooler climate in which to visit the local historical sights and architecture, visit during November when temperatures drop a bit – but are still a lot warmer than most other European cities.

2. Old and New Side by Side
Paphos tomb of the kingsQuite often it is not possible to experience both the old and new of a region. That is to say that historical sites, cultural treasures and places of local interest are more often than not located well away from the modern resorts packed full of tourists. But in Paphos, the old rubs shoulders with the new, with neither coming off worse as a result. This means that you can spend all day at the resort poolside while your partner takes the kids to explore the nearby Tomb of the Kings or the Mosaics of Paphos. Lazing in the sun without worrying about the kids – what could be better?!

3. Relax in the Harbour
What is it about harbours that make you instantly relaxed? Perhaps it’s the view, the small restaurants that line the streets or the many moored yachts and boats gently bobbing on the waves that put the mind at ease. Whatever the reason, Paphos harbour has all this and more, which is perhaps why it has always attracted visitors for decades if not centuries. Under British rule, Paphos was a major port town and although it’s prominent position has somewhat faltered in more recent years, the harbour is still a key draw. Just sit at a table, tuck into some meze and wash it all down with some locally produced Cypriot wine. What could be better?

4. See the Birthplace of a Goddess
Paphos AphroditeIt was on the shores of Paphos that the Goddess of Love – Aphrodite – emerged into this world (allegedly) and so began a myth that would become legendary. Petra Tou Romiou is a large rock that protrudes from the sea and is where the Goddess was said to have made her entrance into the world of mortals. You do not have to be a believer to appreciate the place; it is just interesting to see the so called birthplace of a Goddess that influenced thousands of people from a variety of countries for centuries. Read up on her before hand to really get the most from this experience.

Like the sound of Paphos? There is so much to this small part of Cyprus to explore and take in. Just pack your cossie and camera and visit when you get the chance!

About The Author: 
Written by Ricky Durrance for travel specialists Beat the Brochure, who help people book a dream Cypress Holiday to a range of different resorts to suit all budgets.