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2 Dec

How To Plan A Smashing Bachelor Party in a Few Easy Steps

What goes into planning the perfect bachelor party getaway? It’s not just about finding the perfect city or venue. The best bachelor parties are fueled by friendship and charged with a heavy dose of the unexpected.

With that said, there are a few logistics to consider. The best bachelor party weekend getaways — what some refer to as stag weekends — should be held in a place where the guest of honor feels completely free to relax. That means somewhere that has plenty of amenities and no transportation hassles. Once the booze starts flowing and the entertainment gets underway, very few of the attendees will want to have to drive a car or navigate a complex transit system.

Bellagio Las VegasThis is less limiting than it may sound. The planner of the bachelor party can pick a major city or a remote rural vacation spot in the mountains. The important part is to make sure that all the guests can count on finding a warm bed and a working shower within easy walking distance of the main event. Many major cities, especially Las Vegas, have custom designed rooms and even bachelor party specials with discounted hotel rates and packaged entertainment.

Show GirlsIf the big city glamour doesn’t suit the main bachelor’s taste, many ski resorts and other outdoors oriented locales will be happy to rent out their facilities to an organized party planner, provided he comes up with a significant deposit beforehand. Being able to roam uninhibited through the great outdoors can make for an incredibly memorable and fun bachelor party.

Of course, many bachelor parties center on strippers and other scantily clad entertainers. Major cities like Montreal and South Beach, Florida tend to have the best talent in the world when it comes to professional exotic dancers. Disco ClubIf the attendees of the bachelor party are less focused on exotic dancers and would prefer a bit more of a general festival atmosphere, cities like New Orleans offer exceptional amenities. From bars to thriving nightclubs to a pervasive atmosphere of merriment, this city can’t be beat when it comes to non-stop entertainment.

Times Square New YorkOther cities like New York have the heartiest, most “manly” restaurants on the globe. Simply put, some stag weekends belong in a steakhouse with plenty of scotch. This city has an abundance of top tier restaurants that serve the highest quality beef on the planet. For those who need to celebrate their upcoming nuptials by carving into a chunk of mouth-watering meat, this city is the number one destination spot.

Of course, choosing the locale is only one factor in creating a wonderful bachelor party. Even though bachelor party weekends have a reputation for disregarding the rules of polite society, there is still an etiquette that must be maintained.

At their core, bachelor parties are dedicated to celebrating the decision of the groom to commit to his chosen partner for life. Therefore, the party should steer clear of poking fun or overt ridicule at the groom’s future ball-in-chain. Instead, the evening should be focused on having a good time. Speeches that praise the groom for his previous romantic adventures are welcome, but should always end on a positive note when referencing the future. Nothing ruins a great party like somebody in a foul or overly aggressive mood.

Once the locale has been chosen, the party planner should send out invitations personally to all invited attendees. Relying on a social network or other electronic form of invitation sends the wrong message. A physical invite on high quality paper will make every attendee feel both wanted and appreciated. Also, these invitations function as wonderful keepsakes far into the future. They can become a somewhat racy part of the wedding album.

Finally, make sure that the activities on the menu won’t offend or compromise the groom’s idea of a good time. Some party planners like to shake up their friends with risqué entertainment or overwhelming amounts of alcohol.

BuddiesWhile it can be fun to put the groom slightly outside of his comfort zone, make sure that he doesn’t feel overwhelmed.A great bachelor party is ultimately about making the groom feel appreciated by his friends. A groom-to-be should never be forced into a situation that will make him regret the evening.

About The Author:  This is a guest article submitted to us by Ruben Corbo, a writer for several websites such as Red Seven Leisure, which is the best man’s choice in providing the best service for planning your
stag weekends and more. When Ruben is not writing he is composing or producing music for short films and other visual arts.

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