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6 Dec

The Best Italian Restaurant in Naples FL – Just Ask The Red Sox

Magnificent foliage attracts thousands of vacationers to New England each year, so where do New Englanders go in October… Southwest Florida. We decided to grab a week in Naples and October is one of the best times to visit. As the air chills in New England, the best way to extend the summer is to head south. Naples in October enjoys fabulous weather; hot days and cool nights. The crowds have not arrived yet, and the season is just opening up. It ‘s the perfect time to find and try the wonderful new gems of the city and report to our readers the best of Southwest Florida.

sophia's Restaurante ItalianoThis year we found a real gem, Sophia’s Restaurante Italiano… but it appears that Dice K (Daisuke Matsuzaka of Red Sox fame) found it first and celebrated his 31st birthday there with the whole family.  Upon arrival in Naples we noticed the new sign, which jumped out at us from the road.  From the minute the reservation was made, we knew this place was special. We were warmly greeted and introduced to our server Georgiana, who welcomed us to Soiphia’s with a smile.

Sophia's TableTo say the dinner was amazing would be an understatement. In fact, there are no words to describe the food.  It is all homemade right on premises; pasta, sauces, bread and pastries.  Now, we have had homemade pasta before, but nothing like this. The pasta was so thin and light it literally melted in your mouth. Georgina told us she actually ate at the restaurant first and the food brought her back for the job.  It had been a long time since we experienced a warm and inviting décor coupled with such a friendly staff.

Sophia’s has a vast wine selection and offers a unique specialty – a “featured wine” and desert combination. The wine specialty is carefully selected and Georgiana was very knowledgeable about the wine selections.  Due to the vintage of the wine, it was carefully filtered into a carafe by Georgiana ‘s skillful hands, a very nice touch.

sophia's DesertWe had the opportunity to meet with the owner and he shared some of the history of Sophia’s with us. The restaurant is named for his 2-year-old daughter Sophia, and opened last year. The response has been unbelievable since they opened, and they are responding by preparing to offer pasta, sauces, salad dressing and deserts as part of a retail operation. So if you don’t feel like cooking – have a little Italy at home. This entrepreneur also plans to offer a Limousine service for evenings about town. If you are looking for the best Italian restaurant in Naples, Sophia’s it is. Do not just take our word for it—ask Dice K! Tip: call ahead for reservations – you will need them – and tell them Wicked sent you.

Now that the foliage is fading and the snow will soon follow, think about booking early for that winter getaway. Airline ticket prices are skyrocketing so remember look for your reservations on a Tuesday or Wednesday for best price and the earlier you book the better.


  • Tom Damore
    03/27/2012 at 7:36 pm

    What a joke! This review must have been written by a relative! Average food, terrible service, unprofessional staff and management.

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