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Where To Eat On A Budget in Florence Italy

Florence Restaurants Serving Tasty Delicacies For Reasonable Prices

I’m from Australia and Last year I spent my honeymoon in Florence. Florence Gelato ShopIt is the capital city of Italy, situated in the Tuscan province of Florence, on the banks of River Arno. Florence is especially famed for its historical legacy that dates back to the Medieval Ages and during Renaissance its rich cultural heritage flourished to its best. The museums at Florence exhibit some of the most beautiful paintings and other forms of art and architecture from the Renaissance period. There are also numerous monuments and art galleries in the city to explore. However we did not miss the exotic cuisine of Italy and considered it an added attraction indeed!

The cuisine of Florence is one of the most scrumptious delicacies in the world. There are numerous restaurants which offer all types of cuisines such as Continental, Chinese, Fusion, Caribbean, Latin American and certainly Italian. Restaurants in Florence which offer delicious cuisines are generally expensive however there are some cheap and budget friendly restaurants where lip-smacking food is served at affordable prices.

I will tell you about some of the budget friendly restaurants in and around the city of Florence here.

PUGI restaurant is a great place for a pick me up especially in the evening. It is a restaurant near the Accademia Museum of Art And Sculpture, about half a block to the Piazza San Macro bus stop. It is located right next to a Pasticerria. You can have large and authentic Italian pizzas with exciting toppings here.

The Blue River is another restaurant cum coffee bar near the Uffizi side of the River Arno. It is located between the Uffizi and the Bibliotecha. They serve coffee, a drink, a large salad and a main course meal- all for just 7.5 Euros.

The GROM is a small confectionery on a side street heading from the Duomo to River Arno. The confectionery shop is famous for its delicious Gelato. They also serve several types of coffee, dark chocolate and gateaux.

KOCCO is a famous Italian restaurant set up at the corner of Via Farini and Via de Pilastri opposite the Jewish Synagogue. It has a Buddhist decor and serves excellent pasta, pizzas, spaghetti, ravioli, lasagna etc. It is a great joint to have for lunch and supper.

Il Pizzaioulo is another budget-friendly restaurant that in Florence located right across the street from Cibreo Diner. They make mouth watering Neapolitan thick crust pizzas and many other Italian dishes.

Trattoria Cibreo is a small restaurant situated just around the corner, half a block away from the Cibreo restaurant on Via de Macci. They serve delicious and appetizing soups and entrees. The chocolate and dark chocolate gateaux and various cheesecake desserts served here are simply outstanding. The place is primarily famous for its soups and desserts though they also serve pizzas.

The Vinaino De Parte Guelfa is another famous budget restaurant. It is situated at the Historical Centre on Via de Lamona. It is famous for its Tuscan sandwiches and Margherita pizzas. They also serve delicious white wine at only 1 Euro.

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