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5 Jan

Hawaii Vacation Rental Tips – How To Find Your Paradise

HawaiiFor many people, nothing embodies a tropical vacation more than a trip to the golden sands and crystal blue waters of sun-drenched Hawaii.  It’s as beautiful as its reputation claims with perfect weather, friendly people and sights that are almost too incredible to believe. Where else can you safely watch a surfer ride the tube of a more than 20-foot-tall wave less than 50 yards offshore? Or view a double rainbow over a waterfall with a perfect blue sky framing the picture?

It’s all perfectly accessible in the Hawaiian Islands. However, the islands are remote and all of this beauty and compelling culture comes at a cost. It is expensive to get there, and once in Hawaii, everything from food to gas and lodging is costly.

One of the best ways to carve off some of the expense associated with a pacific island vacation is to avoid staying in a hotel room.  Hawaii vacation rentals have advantages over Waikiki hotel rooms by providing a deeper experience while costing less. Renting a home, cottage, condo or apartment for your vacation is a great way to not only cut lodging expenses dramatically, but also the cost of meals because you will be able to cook at home.

When searching for a vacation rental in Hawaii, there are many rental companies that advertise available properties online with comprehensive information layouts, contact numbers and all other pertinent details.  Rental agencies, especially ones that are Better Business Bureau approved, are a safe and reliable bet.

Here are 5 things to remember when renting a vacation home in Hawaii:

Location is everything. Renting in a more popular tourist area will generally mean higher lodging rates and more difficulty finding a fabulous property. Look to less-traveled areas such as Makaha on Oahu’s west shore where 5-6 bedroom beachfront homes can be leased for as little as $200 per night.

Know the season. Hawaii doesn’t really have seasons, but the closest it gets are what is referred to as summer and winter. When picking a vacation rental, understand that the summer season brings large waves to the southern shores of the Hawaiian Islands, while winter brings massive waves to the north shores. In other words, if you’re looking for placid water, don’t pick the North Shore of Oahu in January.

Get it in writing. Before you send any money make sure that official, and legally binding documents are signed by all parties. You are, again, at an advantage in this situation dealing with a licensed real estate agent. Make sure to read all documents – especially the fine print. Understand what your obligations are so that you don’t run into a nasty surprise later on (such as a $100-$250 “cleaning fee” that is typical to most rentals).

Comparison shop. With so many options available with the Internet, there is no reason not to spend considerable effort researching to ensure you get the perfect vacation property to fit your individual budget and preferences. In some cases, you may even be able to negotiate a rental rate by having knowledge of competing properties.

Book well in advance. Hawaii is one of the most popular tourism destinations in the United States. Most of the islands are sparsely populated and rental properties – the good ones anyway – will get snapped up pretty quickly, especially in the high tourist seasons – June, July and August; and December, January and February.

With a little due diligence, an intrepid traveler can find a one-in-a-million vacation rental for an once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Hawaiian Islands. You don’t have to be a victim of high prices if you follow common sense guidelines. Aloha!
About The Author:  Post written by Karl N who runs an online resource for visiting Hawaii on a budget.

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