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London Parking
10 Jan

Where To Live for the Price of a Parking Space in London?

London ParkingIt was recently revealed that a parking space in a prime spot in central London is typically worth more than some houses in the UK.  A permanent space in ultra-swanky Kensington and Chelsea was professionally valued at just under £100,000, a staggering figure in isolation, but even more surprising when one considers that the average house price in the North-eastern town is Middlesbrough is just £80,000.

Of course anyone with enough cash to blow on a house or flat in this area of London likely has no quibbles paying a fraction of that amount for a parking space, if only so their car (which is probably also worth more than a house anywhere north of Watford) doesn’t get brushed by passing vagrants. £100,000 while not much to a West-Londoner, is a vast sum of money, and when converted to foreign currencies could make for a very powerful investment.

Here are a few places you could live for the same price as a parking space in London;

This spacious, fully furnished 3 bedroom house in Sunny Kissimee, Florida was built in 2007 and has its own private pool. It’s a steal at around the same price as a 4×3 meter square of tarmac in London.

Kissimmee Florida Home

Ski fanatic? Why waste money on expensive accommodation in ski season when you could get this Chalet for a bargain price. When you’re not using it, simply rent it out and make money on it year round.

Austria image

This modern Condo in Jomtein just south of Bangkok boasts a minimalist, open plan layout, its own pool and a mezzanine level, all for 2.4 million Thai Baht – about £50,000, the same price as two West London parking spaces.


South Africa
South Africa’s rugged coastline is regarded as one of the best in the world, and this 3 bed in Shelly Point in the Western Cape area is adjacent to golden sands and blue surf.

Croatia is an up and coming holiday destination, and it’s no wonder. Pristine scenery combined with a great climate and unspoilt beaches mean it’s also a great place to buy a holiday home.

Croatia Image

Thousands of Brits flock to Australia each year in search of a sunnier, less stressful life. This apartment in Noosaville, Queensland would be ideal for a young professional starting out in Oz, and is a snip at just £77,000.

Australia image

Is Britain too crowded for you? Need some room to stretch your legs? Canada is a vast country with plenty of elbow room, a little bit like this 5 bedroom house in laid-back Nova Scotia.

Canada image

About the Author:  Joe Johnson is a travel blogger from London looking to invest in property abroad; he’s going to be doing some house hunting on his next trip.  You can follow Joe’s round-the-world exploits at Total Travel Blog



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