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20 Jan

Australia’s Gold Coast – A Magnet For Beach Lovers And Sports Enthusiasts

The Gold Coast of Australia is the adventure capital of Queensland. Situated close to the major cities of Sydney and Brisbane the area is a magnet for party goers. It is also a popular holiday destination for families who wish to visit the many theme parks in the region. Gold Coast apartments provide spacious and convenient accommodation for those who visit. Travel insurance is also widely available and should be obtained if seeking to pursue more extreme activities.

There are many activities for young and old on the Gold Coast. They include:

Extreme sports
Gold Coast Zip LineThe Gold Coast is home to many adventurous people who love the beach. They also love extreme sports. A visitor can indulge in some daring activities whilst at the Gold Coast. Some extreme activities you can enjoy on the  Gold Coast include, bungee jumping, jet skiing, water skiing, and mountain biking.

Theme Parks
Gold Coast Amusement ParkThe Gold Coast is an ideal place for a family holiday. The area is home to five theme parks. They range from movie studios to water themed and animal parks. Each is easily accessible and a thrilling experience for the family.

Beach Activities
The Gold Coast is home to many of Queensland’s most spectacular beaches. Each beach is patrolled and watched by life savers. The beaches are pristine with white sands which seem to stretch to the horizon. Swimming at the beaches is generally safe if all instructions, such as swimming between the flags, are followed.

Bush Walking
Gold Coast Rain Forest HikeMany people who visit the Gold Coast remain near the beach. But there is considerable the beauty inland. The rugged mountain ranges and beautiful scenery of the south east Queensland interior is perfect for long moonlight bush walks. Camping and bush tours are also available.

Hot Air Ballooning
Gold Coast BallooningHot air ballooning is a popular way to spend an afternoon on the Gold Coast. Sailing gently above the clouds looking down upon the perfect beaches is an awe inspiring sight. Hot air ballooning is romantic, inspirational and relaxing. The vistas below stretch for untold miles as does the sky above. It is a perfect mixture of sea and sky reaching for the clouds.

The Gold Coast is one of the Queensland’s most popular tourist destinations. It is particularly popular with school leavers in late November and early December each year. People who like to party regularly visit the Gold Coast. They leave with good stories to tell their friends at home. The area is also well suited for families who wish to visit theme parks or see spectacular natural scenery. The water lover is equally catered to with extreme sports and beach activities, and let’s not forget the famed surfing. Overall the Gold Coast is the perfect destination for a holiday.  For more information on Gold Coast activities, visit the Gold Coast Tourism website,

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