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8 Mar

Puttin’ On The Ritz To Celebrate A Big Event!

Will you still love me when I am 65?…  Paul McCartney please forgive me for changing your lyrics, but as my husband approached his 65th birthday, I had come up with something amazing for the celebration.  And when it has to be amazing, no one does it better than the Ritz-Carlton.

Our daughter lives in New York, so it was the perfect place to celebrate such a monumental birthday.    There is no place like Manhattan, and for the first time in the history it did not snow on February 5th.   We spoke with the Ritz-Carlton Central Park and explained it was a special occasion and they really did “Put on the Ritz”.

Ritz-Carlton Central ParkFrom the moment we arrived everyone welcomed us by wishing  my husband a happy birthday and thanked us for choosing the Ritz to celebrate.  Our room was on the 18th floor overlooking Central Park.  The room was spectacular and a special chocolate mousse cake displayed birthday wishes.   Like most of you, we have traveled to many exclusive resorts and the service has always been excellent, but I had to pinch myself to believe the ultimate level of customer service that the Ritz-Carlton provided.

Ritz-Carlton Central Park RoomI had phoned ahead to arrange access to the Club Room, which was worth every penny of the daily charge.  The Club Room serves five dinning selections; breakfast, morning break, light lunch, high tea and evening deserts.  Coffee and tea service is always available as well as special sweets to satisfy that sugar need.   The best part of the Club Room-No Cell Phones.  The Club Room overlooked central park and the concierges were attentive and suggested wonderful restaurants.  The suggestion of  Marea’s, a Seafood-Italian restaurant was outstanding.  The service was superior and the menu selections were unique as well as fabulously delicious.

While in New York, we attended Bette Midler’s production of Priscilla Queen of the Desert Outrageous doesn’t begin to do this play justice, we laughed from beginning to end.  The costumes, staging and music out-did anything we had yet to see on Broadway.  It is an absolute must see when you are in New York, and wait until you hear “MacArthur Park” like you have never heard it before, the audience was brought to their feet.  There is nothing like lively Broadway to celebrate a special event.

As a matter of fact there is nothing like New York and staying near Central Park brings a new perspective of Manhattan.  Our lives are hectic and there was no way we could have gone away on a long vacation at this time of year, but we did not have to go far to make the occasion memorable.

As we look back on our weekend, we cannot thank the Ritz-Carlton New York enough for making this special birthday so memorable, and most of all for raising the bar for Service Excellence.  It is not always the length of time you are away or the furthest place to travel that makes the trip special, but it is the place you choose to stay.  In my opinion the Ritz-Carlton wins hands down for service, accommodations, food and overall travel experience.  So the next time you are looking to make an occasion memorable—just look to the Ritz-Carlton and tell them ‘Wicked’ sent you.

Photo Credit:  Ritz-Carlton Hotels


  • Joan J
    03/08/2012 at 4:13 pm

    What a nice article. I love New York, and as a former meeting planner have spent an enormous amount of time in that city…. as well as hundreds of hotels. The Ritz Carlton in New York is one of the finest, as the overall Ritz line is always one to depend on for the best location, the finest service, and perfect decor and comfort. Good to know about the Marea’s Italian/Seafood restaurant too; I’m headed to NY soon and will add them to my list. Yum. Happy birthday to your lucky hubby!

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