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21 Mar

Flashpacking,The Newest Trend In Budget Travel

Are You A Flashpacker?

Flashpackers in ParisFlashpacking is the latest travel trend for young (or young-at-heart) savvy travelers. In fact there’s actually a good chance you could be a flashpacker without even realizing it. If you travel with your iPod, digital camera, laptop, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or any other bulk of technology, and use those devices to find the best last minute travel deals for comfortable lodging,  you my friend have unknowingly joined the flashpacking elite.

And if you break into a cold sweat at the very thought of ‘no Wi-Fi’ then you’ve fallen hard for flashpacking ways and you’ll want some accommodation to suit. Flashpackers are a more discerning customer who doesn’t want to hand over all their cash for a night’s sleep, but definitely wants to stay some a bit cooler and glossier than the average. Think sleek suitcase pusher, rather than budget backpacker. for instance, has a huge range of boutique hostels perfectly suited to the flashpacker who’s usually looking for a bit more from their accommodation than just a bed for the night.

You may not be aware that many Hostels will often offer you the choice of having a private room and bathroom for a little extra.   And they’ve usually have a great common area where you can meet other travelers, exchange local tips,  and relax  for awhile.  You’ll also be relieved to know that flashpacking hostels  have internet cafes onsite, with some offering Wi-Fi throughout the facility.

Lisbon Lounge HostelIn Europe, Lisbon is particularly well-known for their high standard of hostels. You’ll find the Lisbon Lounge Hostel is one of the best. Located in the historical part of the city the hostel oozes style and quality.  Flashpackers will enjoy the safety, spacious dorm rooms, lounge areas and lockers.

Miami Beach International Travelers HostelIn the USA the Maimi Beach International Hostel is one of the top flashpacking hostels. Well if you can’t beat the celebrities you might as well join them in luxurious accommodation on South Beach. You can chill out on the open front of the hostel bar with a cocktail in your hand and people watch from behind your sunglasses. You’ll get a free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, a movie theatre, pool table and a kitchen with self-catering facilities to enjoy too.

Chicago Getaway HostelIn Chicago the Chicago Getaway Hostel is the top hostel for Flashpackers. See the roof terrace and you’ll see why. Relax under the stars at night around the hostel barbecue, or recline in the day under the American sun and top up that tan. They have private rooms with ensuite bathrooms and spacious modern common areas if you just want to relax after a hard day’s sightseeing.

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