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Dubai Market Shopping
2 Apr

Dubai On A Budget – Where To Stay, Shop and Play

Here are our secrets to make the most out of your trip to Dubai on a limited budget.

Dubai SkylineDubai is designed to target wealthy visitors and hardworking expats.  You’ll find a good range of activities and places to stay in the city. From the world’s most expensive hotels and exquisite cuisines to affordable accommodation and cheap transportation facilities, Dubai has resources to meet the needs of all types of travellers. In case you have limited budget, this post discusses the affordable means of making the most out of your trip to Dubai.

Where to stay
While travelling, most of your time is spent sightseeing, exploring, dining, and having fun.   Among the budget friendly staying options, renting Dubai houses for holidays is a popular choice. For your Dubai trip, if the plan is to spend maximum time having fun, then the idea of looking for short-term villa stay in Dubai is a great idea. Some of the localities where you can find fine villas include The Springs, Dubai Marina, the Greens, Mirdif, Coral Boutique, and Arabian Ranches.

Dubai BeachYou can easily get a reasonable one, two, or more bedrooms villa at affordable rates. Renting a two bedroom villa in The Springs for one month will cost you around $3000, while a cheap hotel in Dubai charges your approximately $2000 per week. For some beach fun and wet activity on a private beachfront, you can also consider renting a villa in Palm Jumeirah, Palm Deira or Palm Jebel Ali. These villas are located in fine locations of Dubai where you can find variety of restaurants, shopping districts, and grocery stores. Please note that certain edibles and hard drinks are not available in local grocery stores but are available in bigger malls and stores, which you can easily find in Dubai.

If you cannot take the hassle of living in a villa and do your own cooking and cleaning, then you can always get concierge services.   In Dubai there are various online directories where you can look for such services, and the villa owner or the agent can also help you in this regard. For those who believe that staying in hotel is their way of having maximum fun, then they should check out these cheap hotels in Dubai: Ibis Deira City Centre, Royal Falcon Hotel, Dubai Youth Hostel, Ramee Guestline Hotel, and Panorama Hotel Bur Dubai.

Where to shop
Dubai Shoe StoreOut of the 1.5 million people who visit Dubai annually, a large percentage of these people go for shopping. What pushes them to travel all the way to Dubai to shop? The answer is the quality and affordability of the items sold in Dubai. The rate of consumer and fashion goods is low in Dubai because of the low or no taxes imposed on the retail industry. Some of the most expensive designer brands and products are sold in the malls and shops of Dubai.  But when it comes to buying fine items at cheaper rates for friends and family back home, Dubai has cheap markets and malls too.

Dubai Market ShoppingYou can try the Dubai Duty Free, which is the largest airport retail facility in the world and the cheapest in Dubai, for buying a wide range of fine products. Karama, the discount district, comes next in the list of cheap shop spots in Dubai. For buying ethnic products including embroidered bedcovers, knitted runners, woven shawls and handmade apparels, Star Gate is the place to checkout. You should also know that morning time is the right time to find the best of available products at good bargains as once the store owners and keepers have a whole bunch of buyers to deal with, they will not waste time in trying to sell good items at cheaper rates.

Where to hangout
Dubai Summer BeachDespite the presence of BIG buildings, huge shopping malls and tons of other things to do in Dubai, the beaches here remain a primary attraction for the tourists, especially from Scandinavian countries. You can be sure of getting plenty of sunlight throughout the year in Dubai. The scorching heat of midsummer however has to be avoided for obvious reasons. If you choose one of the many hotels with private beaches, you can spend the day soaking the precious vitamin D in your skin. Otherwise, you can always head to Jumeirah or Al Mazmar Beach Park and enjoy the golden sand slipping under your feet, clear blue sky sailing over your head, nice and warm sunlight falling on you every part of your body, and oodles of related things that you can do there. Please note that wearing thongs, transparent bikinis, and going topless at beaches is against the Dubai Law. This suggests that wearing conservative clothes in public is the only way to avoid facing fines and other legal charges.

The private beaches of hotels are well kept, clean and offer various services meant exclusively for their guests. This should not discourage you from visiting public beaches which are equally refreshing and entertaining. At Mazmar Beach Park, there are various pools, barbecue spots, lagoons, play areas, and related water sports facilities to entertain the visitors.

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William king is the director of Dubai real estate, and Mirdif Villas. Being an entrepreneur and a passionate blogger he likes to share his expertise and knowledge by writing for various related blogs.

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