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18 Apr

Disney World Tips – Plan A Great Trip Without Going Crazy

Disney World Tips To Save Your Sanity When Planning A Visit to the Magic Kingdom.

Mickey Mouse - Walt Disney WorldThere are some folks out there who love to wing-it on their vacation.  And then there are the opposite folks.  Those who need to have a reservation for every hotel night, every meal, and every pre-planned adventure along the way.

There is a benefit to balance in all things.  Here are some tips on how you can plan your trip very effectively without spending hours and hours planning your visit.

1 – Do Some Homework and Pre-planning

Hotels: Even if you control your urges and you don’t want to plot everything out, it is important to plot some things out.  Do some research online and determine if you want to stay on the Disney property, or off-site.  Disney offers many different hotel options, with different benefits, and at different price points.

Learn more about Disney Resort Hotels.

Tickets: Disney World tickets are expensive.  Determine the best ticket package for your needs and purchase it before you leave home – or else plan to pay the highest price possible, and waste precious vacation time waiting in line doing it.

Learn more about Disney World Tickets.

Dining: Check out the Disney Dining Plan.  If eating is a big part of the joy in your vacation experience, it might be a way to save some money and get the convenience of pre-paying for this big expense.

Learn more about the Disney Dining Plan.

2 – Make Smart Use Of FastPass For Attractions

Disney has a magical service called FastPass at select attractions – mostly the popular ones.  You insert your park admission ticket into a machine and get back a little slip of paper that tells you when you can return to the attraction and ride without waiting.  This is a free service for all park guests, and is a tremendous way to save hours of standing in line.

3 – Consider Taking Advantage Of Early And Late Hours

I can’t think of too many people who like to get up early on their vacation – even the super planner types.  However, you can get so much more done if you take advantage of the early morning and late evening hours of the parks.  Plan to arrive at the park gate just before the park opens, take a break during the hottest mid-day hours (quick nap and then a dip in the pool anyone?), and plan to stay at the park late at night until it closes.  Why?  It is the earliest and latest hours of the park when you will be able to ride the most attractions with the shortest lines.

Sketch out your schedule by looking up Disney World Park hours.

A Little Planning Goes A Long Way

By following these three simple tips, you will be able to do some planning both before and during your vacation so that you can get the most of vacation time.  But you don’t have to go insane with over-planning.  These tips are simple and they will actually help you have more fun.  And even a super planner can agree that is a good plan.

About The Author:  Herb loves all things Disney. He runs the web site which has great information about all things Disney, including tips on planning great Disney World Vacations.
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