Enchanting Bali, More Than Sunshine, Palm Trees and Beaches

Nirwana Golf Course

Bali is one of the few tropical islands in the world that can truly be called unique.  Bali is a part of the island chain of Indonesia, which consists of 17,000 small islands.  It’s known for its luxurious landscape that is graced with volcanic mountains, terrace rice fields, lush forests and beautiful beaches.  In the 1930s, Bali became known for its ‘exoticism’ in comparison with the West, and since then has remained a popular tourist destination.

Tropical and Cultural
One thing that makes Bali a unique choice for a tropical vacation is that the island provides a timeless and rich cultural experience, in addition to all the elements of an island vacation.  While, like many islands, there are swim-up bars, beautiful beaches and luxury spa resorts, there are also beautiful Hindu temples, traditional dance, and local cuisine. Perhaps what is most enchanting for visitors to Bali is the traditional way of life of the islands inhabitants and how religion and art are intertwined with daily life. The Bali way is quite different from a Western way of life and many tourists choose to visit the beautiful island for this reason.

Like many tropical islands, the white sand beaches of Bali have been a major draw for visitors. Sanur had been a favorite with the earlier European crowd, while Nusa Dua is perfect for those seeking a high-end resort atmosphere.Bali Beach

The most famous beach is in Kuta.  This beach was discovered in the 60s by a few Australian surfers.  It had been a backpacker destination during the 70s and had been the location of the bombing where 200 lives had been lost. Today, once again life has returned to normal. The area is known for beautiful sunsets, and dynamic nightlife that revs up after the sun goes down.

Nirwana Golf Course
The terraced rice fields are the greens that most tourists associate Bali with, but for golfers would Nirwana, an exclusive golf course designed by well-known golfer, Greg Norman, is one of the top reasons to visit the island. This is one of the most photographed golf courses in the world, and for good reason.  It’s undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and is worth a visit whether or not you play golfer.  The course includes three holes on the Cliffside, overlooking the popular Tanah Lot temple.Nirwana Golf Course

Art and Culture
In addition to the tropical amenities, Bali’s exotic culture and rich history of design and art make it a great place to visit if you’re looking for a little more than just basking in the sun while on vacation.  Every Balinese is said to be an artist, and while this may be a bit of an exaggeration,  the abundance of wood carving, dancing, and painting on the island makes it seem believable. There is a sense of beauty that seems to permeate the very air of Bali. Ubud is a town on Bali that is the center of the arts for the island.  It’s definitely the place to start if you want to experience the cultural side of a vacation on Bali, since it features many examples of the art produced on the island, in addition to temples and other architectural sights.Ubud Bali

About the Author:  Jeff Fields is a writer, traveler, and contributor to Island Trader.  When he’s not doing those things, he likes playing with his two black labs and playing acoustic guitar on his porch.

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