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Palawan Underground River
25 Apr

New 7 Wonders of Nature – The Palawan Underground River Caves in the Philippines

10 reasons the Underground River in Palawan in the Philippines is an unforgettable destination.

Aside from the fact that the island of Palawan is renowned as one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Philippines because of its many attractive beaches, it also houses the recently awarded New Wonder of the World: the Underground River.

Palawan Underground RiverHere is my list of the top 10 reasons to schedule a visit to the underground river this unique river:


1. Surreal Experience
What could be more surreal than the feel of floating on a boat on a river – underground?  Through paddling, you will enter the mouth of the cave of the underground river (to the South China Sea) and see only the light that comes from the flashes of your cameras and the flashlight of your tour guide. You will be like a blind person only focusing on your sense of hearing when you hear the stark sound of dripping water, the flapping of bats’ wings and birds over your heads.

2. Longest Navigable Underground River in the World
In this Internet age, sharing of pictures and moments are one the main reasons why we like to travel. Pardon if I put it like we’re some arrogant brats but if truly we’ve been to this 7th natural wonder of the whole world, then we just deserve to put on some air. We can also be proud to say that for once in our life, we have journeyed to the 8-kilometers long stretch of the navigable Underground River.

3. All Natural
The sea water is like a combination of green and blue. It’s so clear and clean, reflecting the landscape and mountains. There are (unusual) animals around; common sights are said to be monkeys, bearcats, porcupines, badgers, bearded pigs and monitor lizards that walk around the park found after the boat trip.

When you’re floating on the underground river itself, you will find sea cows (dugong) and hawksbill turtles basking on the surface and birds fluttering over your boat. Most of these bird species are of the blue-nape parrots, hornbills of Palawan, hill mynas and white-breasted sea eagle. When it’s low tide, you may find and feed long-tailed macaques near the river cave along the shoreline of the beach.

4. Budget Hotel in the Philippines
There are many budget hotels around the island. If you’re tight on budget, you can be sure that you’ll not be shedding lots of money for hotel accommodation. Whether you’re going for a day trip or the usual 3 day,2 night trip, it’s better to make hotel reservations ahead.

5. Enchanted Cave
Many Filipinos in the island believe that the cave there is enchanted. Why? This maybe because there are different rock formations which are naturally shaped to create images such as the face of Christ, flowers and vegetables. People are not sure how they were made. I’m interested to know more about the history that lies within. It’s said there is a guiding boat man who explains the historical background of its architectural natural design.

6. Hiking Adventure
There are two ways of reaching the underground river: one is by boat as mentioned above and another is trekking through a monkey trail. If you’re the adventurous and sporty type, then maybe you can tag with me and hike through the coast and see different animals along the way.

7. Write in the Sand
What I do whenever I’m at a beach is write in the sand. This is like my own expression.  I write my name or anything I want and take a picture that can last forever. A suggestion is to print it out and make it as a unique postcard you can send out to friends back home.

8. Take Photographs
This place well deserves to be captured in pictures and albums that can be passed down from one generation to the next. As great memories are taken from this trip, I’d surely wander around with my waterproof digital camera and have fun posing on this subterranean Underground River.

9. Historic Sites
Many places in the Philippines have their own accounts of history and Palawan is not exempted. There are many monuments, lighthouses and signs found on the island, where battles took place when the country was held captive by the Spaniards.

10. Relaxation
If you’re the type who wants to release stress and just sit and relax, then this site is also for you. After all, you’re on vacation. You can stay on the shore of the beach with no one demanding your attention. Watch the wonderful sunset. Daydream about your future, relationships and other goals in life. Go sightseeing with binoculars. Have a nice massage.

If you are a nature lover, you will like it here. It is here where some of the most beautiful wonders of nature are found. I hope I’ve accomplished my mission of extending spikes and sparks of excitement in your veins to enjoy the scattered beauties of this paradise not only under the sea but also underground. If you’re planning to go, don’t forget to invite me. See you!

About The Author:
  Abigail Ang is an aspiring writer and a former Backpacker. She is into almost all types of music.  She also has a passion in singing and an interest in sports particularly Ultimate (Frisbee) and running.  Abigail is also one of the editors of White Knight Hotel Intramuros a renowned Budget Hotel in the Philippines.
Photo Credit – Flickr: richay_artigus

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