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Tuscan Butcher
8 May

Munch Your Way Through Florence – Gourmet Food Tours in Tuscany

Come meander through Florence and experience the many gourmet food tours in Tuscany!

Italian cuisine is renowned worldwide for its delicious cooking styles and amazing recipes, and it is nowadays being served in some of the most sought after and famous restaurants in the world. Little did we know that this traditional cooking style stems from the poor people of Italy using their imaginations and making do with what they had in order to create simple, nourishing yet delicious recipes.  Today you’ll find wonderful gourmet food tours throughout Tuscany and beyond.

Tuscan VineyardFlorentine and Tuscan cooking is now a gourmet treat. It is completely within our grasp to enjoy these foods, as well as their wines and their other delicatessen such as olive oils and cheeses. Home of Chianti wine, Florence is surrounded by the Tuscan Vineyards, where it is possible to discover where this wine comes from along with many other kinds of grape such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah.

There are cooking courses, wine tasting tours, and combinations if the two, restaurants, eateries and wine cellars, all of which you are welcome to attend and visit to tantalize your taste buds during your stay in Florence. Discover the magic of wine-braised game meat such as rabbit, boar and deer, and the Florentine beefsteak called Fiorentina on the tours available, whose guides are waiting to show you what they have to offer. Here are five fabulous tours I would love to attend next time I visit the Tuscan capital.

Tuscan cooking course with visit to San Lorenzo Market
Florence MarketA fantastic opportunity to learn how to cook an authentic Tuscan meal, and in turn to take this knowledge home. At a top-class culinary school you will be instructed by expert chefs after being taught how to pick your ingredients fresh from Florence’s historic San Lorenzo market. You will learn Tuscan recipes from an English speaking guide, then have the opportunity to eat what you made during the lesson in a 4 course meal alongside a local Tuscan wine in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Tuscan luxury wine tour
Italy PizzeriaIn your 10 hour wine tasting experience you will travel the scenic coastal area of Tuscany and taste some of Tuscany’s best wines. Travelling over rolling hills and olive groves you will be visiting the places that send their wines to some of the most exclusive restaurants in the world. You will not only taste them, but also learn about the wine making process, and see the very grapes that make the wine. This tour also includes a delicious seafood lunch of Tuscan style, yet with a creative twist in cooking style.

Dinner, History and Romance: Fiorentina Steak Experience
Tuscan ButcherAs promised above, there is indeed a tour in which you can eat a Fiorentina steak. Here you will travel out to an 11th Century monastery just outside of Florence where you can spend an evening dining under the stars. Sample some of Italy’s best gelato (traditional ice cream) before sitting down to this scrumptious meal.

Wine, Cheese and Oil tasting in Florence
Stay in the beautiful city and sample some of the best wines, cheeses and olive oils that Florence has to offer.

You will be given detailed explanations on the historical backgrounds and the flavours of the wines, which will be paired with a selection of Tuscan cheeses. The Tuscan oils will also be accompanied by Tuscan cheeses.

3 Hour private pasta making course and lunch
Italy Pasta ClassAn excellent opportunity to take the knowledge of pasta making home with you. You will be taught how to make 3 different pastas by hand ( a perfect excuse to use a rolling pin and a pasta machine!) along with learning to make the sauces that are most complimentary to them. After this you will have the chance to make a typical Tuscan dessert. After cooking class, you will be invited to a delicious lunch of the pasta, sauces and desserts you have just prepared accompanied by a fine Tuscan Wine.

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