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Adventure Camp UK
17 May

World’s Top Fitness Boot Camp Vacations – Return Home Buff and Smiling

Fitness Boot Camp Locations Around The Globe

Let’s face it, when we go on holiday, most of us see it as an opportunity to over-indulge in pretty much everything: sleep, food, drink, sunshine. Whatever diet you may be on doesn’t really count, you’re taking a break from your routines and that means you can enjoy your time off and treat yourself, right? Even if it means you carry home a few extra pounds in weight – a good tan is flattering and will minimize the damage.  Sorted.

But…imagine coming home from a holiday feeling that you’ve worked harder than ever before. After all, they say ‘a change is better than a rest’ and there are holidays out there that offer the ultimate challenge: boot camps abroad. Boot camps aren’t just for A-list Hollywood stars, they’re open to anyone, including us mere mortals, and they deliver consistent results. If you’re willing to put yourself in the hands of world class fitness trainers, you might even find that you enjoy the experience as much as sunbathing and sampling new cuisine.

Exercise Class

Boot camps are located all over the world; from Norfolk to Mauritius! If you’re looking for a vacation with a difference, here’s a guide to some of our favorite boot camps:

No 1 Boot Camp: Norfolk, Ibiza, Marbella
This is the camp of choice for incredible weight loss results and many attendees claim they have learned new habits that have transformed their lives. Set in stunning countryside locations, the camps are run by physical training instructors from the Royal Marines and Royal Navy. Every individual gets expert attention and advice so that they can push beyond their own personal limits.

Marbella No 1 Fitness Camp

Daily routines are reportedly tough but certainly get results. They involve a mixture of circuit training, hiking, kayaking, yoga, cycling and team sports, as well as down time for guests to relax and pamper themselves.

Adventure Boot Camps: UK, La Manga, St Lucia, Mauritius
A boot camp for the outdoorsy type, Adventure Boot Camps promises to ‘get you in the best shape of your life’. Fitness experts take you through a range of exercises to reduce percentage body fat, shave off those extra inches and improve strength and endurance.

Adventure Camp UK

If you’re looking for a quick fitness boost Adventure Boot Camps has several locations, across the UK, where you can be whipped into shape. Alternatively, if you fancy getting away from it all, there are exotic retreats in Spain, St Lucia and Mauritius where you can spend a fitness holiday being coached by the likes of Daley Thompson.

New You Boot Camp: London, Wales, Suffolk, Cornwall, Austria, Portugal

New You Boot Camp offers a military style workout with a difference. Each of its locations has a unique take on the boot camp experience. Guests can choose from going back to basics in the Brecon Beacons, a regime by the coast in Cornwall or a boutique spa in Portugal.

New You Boot Camp

With confidence-boosting neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and life coaching among its activities, New You goes for a holistic approach to fitness and even boasts After-Baby Body Camps where new mums can bring their children, take some time out and learn about exercise and nutrition.

Barry’s Bootcamp: London, Hollywood, NYC, Norway & more
A full on, star studded fitness affair in the heart of tinsel town, Barry’s is a favourite of A-Listers from Katie Holmes to Brooke Shields. It’s run by muscley New Yorker, Barry Jay who founded his programme back in 1998, with the aim of formulating ‘the best workout in the world’.

Barry's Boot Camp

Barry’s regime involves his own brand of Focused Interval Training (or, as he likes to call it, FIT) and claims to burn fat nine times faster than ordinary exercise. This high octane workout has become a worldwide sensation and could leave you as sculpted as a screen star in weeks.

So, you could sign yourself up to the local gym, hoping that you will find the motivation to perfect your bikini-body in time for your next holiday. Alternatively, you could throw yourself in the deep end and sign up to a boot camp holiday which won’t allow for flimsy self-discipline and will have you feeling body-confident in no time. All you need to do is get your kit and running shoes sorted and make the call!

As Army Officer George Patton once said “pressure makes diamonds”!



  • Nikola Samson
    07/26/2012 at 5:38 am

    What bootcamps / fitness holidays do you have available in 01 or 02 Sept – 12 September?

  • Susan
    07/26/2012 at 7:36 am

    Hi Nicki – We are not a travel booking site. I would suggest you contact the facilities in our article directly or take a look at and look under health/fitness vacations. This site is an database of vacations by topic. Best of luck with your hunt for a great vacation.

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