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22 May

Enhance The Romance – Best Maui Restaurants For Romantic Dinners

Enhance your vacation by dining at one Maui’s Best Restaurants for romance.

Honeymooners select Maui for its abundant natural beauty and intrigue. Part of the thrill of being on such an island comes from finding a romantic dining spot that will forever be associated with the trip. Whether casual or fine dining, Maui offers something for all tastes. The following list names the top five places to dine for romance.Maui View

Hula Grill

Located on on Kaanapali Beach, Hula Grill creates dazzling dishes that can’t be found anywhere else. They serve hot bread with a delightful chili water of garlic and rice wine. Naturally, the menu incorporates a lot of fresh seafood for the dishes, mixed with fresh pineapple and other fruits that harken to local traditions. The beachfront view lends an air of playfulness that perfectly accompanies the food. Hula Grill is perfect for flirting over a few drinks and sharing food while taking in the scenery.

Sansei Restaurant and Sushi Bar

Sansei is located in Kapalua, and was named one of America’s Eight Best Sushi Restaurants by Travel and Leisure. Founder D.K. Kodama used the Japanese word, Sansei, because it means “third generation”, demonstrating their fine tradition of food innovation .The highly imaginative rolls and dishes put lovers in a mouthwatering mood; the colors and taste sensations resonate with a spicy freshness on the tongue. Perfect for setting the scene for romance.


With a dazzling view from its location the Wharf Village, Leilani delights in pleasing the wants of its patrons. Their charming cocktails taste divine, sipped in the open air ambiance highlighted by a gorgeous beachfront view. This is a great place to linger and enjoy fresh casual dining that tastes very expensive, but is not. Lelani’s is also known for hosting amazing parties and events, lending festivity to any meal.

Sarento’s On The Beach

Sarento’s is literally just a few feet from the ocean, providing diners with an up close and personal view of the crystal clear water. It absolutely is one of the best restaurants at which to enjoy a romantic sunset cocktail, followed by an exquisite meal and fine wines. Sarento’s has won numerous fine dinging awards;among them, 2011’s Hawaii’s Best Awards. Live jazz every Tuesday makes the setting extra special.

Da Kitchen

Here, chefs take the model of a plate lunch to a whole new level by piling the plate extra high with mega-sized portions of local treats.They rely on word of mouth only, but it must be working, as they cooked at the Inaugural Luau for President Obama, and were featured on The Bizarre Food Show. The trendy, bright décor buzzes with excitement, and the menu changes according to season and whim, though a few staples are rotated throughout each change. Truly a unique and one of a kind experience for a honeymooning couple.

These restaurants all offer unique dining adventures with stunning views, which gives honeymooners a chance to tempt their palates as well as make memories during a special time. Maui restaurants enhance any honeymoons with style and tasty fare.

About The Author:  Renee Varney is a freelance blogger and occasionally writes for a site she loves using to find local Chinese Food delivery services using their Delivered Fast Food directory.


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