Guide to Mauritius – One of the Most Beautiful Islands on Earth


A Beginners Guide To Mauritius – One of the Most Beautiful Islands on Earth


Mauritius is a beautiful island located in the Indian Ocean. Just miles from the coastline of Madagascar, Mauritius boasts a warm and tropical climate year round. Mauritius is a popular tourism destination for romantic getaways, honeymoons, and family vacations spent relaxing on beautiful sandy beaches. You’ll find no shortage of outdoor recreation and water sports to keep even the most adventurous travelers happy. Additionally, it has a rich musical culture and fascinating local folklore that you can only find by making this journey!

Some find the journey well worthwhile just to sample the unique cuisine. Located off the east coast of Africa, it combines culinary traditions from Africa, the UK, India. You’ll want to be sure to try the traditional dish called rougaille, which will put your spice tolerance to the test!

Whether you visit Mauritius to unwind at the end of an African safari or make it your unique honeymoon destination, you won’t want to miss the best attractions on this beautiful island, detailed below.

Port Louis
This is the capital of Mauritius and is home to some of the country’s most impressive colonial architecture. Both the French and the English fought over this territory in the past which influences the island’s food, drink, culture and language. Port Louis is incredibly diverse and provides a home to residents with nationalities from around the world. Some of the most fascinating historical landmarks include the Mauritius Natural History Museum, the St Louis Cathedral, the Jummah Mosque and the famed Traveler’s Lane.

Ile aux Cerfs

Ile aux Cerf Mauritius
This is an incredibly small island just off the coast of mainland Mauritius. There is not much in the way of major attractions on this island, but the appeal is in the pristine beaches and relative seclusion. There is just one hotel and restaurant on the island, but many visitors choose to take a ferry from Trou-d’Eau Douce village and just spend a day rather than making it an overnight trip. Participate in water sports or make the journey to the island with a rented kayak if you are feeling particularly adventurous.

Grand Bay
This was the first tourist development on the island of Mauritius and it remains a popular destination to this day. What it lakes in culture and heritage it more than makes up for in stunning views and beautiful beaches. If you are searching for the perfect place to relax, unwind, dine at inviting international restaurants and stay in luxury resorts complete with spas, then Grand Bay is the ideal vacation destination.

Triolet Shivala
This is a traditional village that allows visitors to explore the residences and even dine with the locals in order to get a better feel for authentic daily life in Mauritius. The main attraction in Triolet Shivala is Maheswarnath, a large Hindu temple. The temple was built in the early nineteenth century to honor certain Hindu gods and it remains a place of worship to this day.

Blue Bay
If snorkeling and enjoying marine life is what you are after, then head to Blue Bay on Mauritius. This coastal destination is busy during the weekends but is practically empty during the week. You will have seclusion and privacy as you snorkel, swim or just relax on the beach. Book a glass bottom boat trip in advance for a way to see the marine life further out at sea.

Flic en Flac

Flic en Flac Mauritius
This is a unique fishing village that looks frozen in time despite the increasing number of visitors who come to see the unique architecture. It is also a top destination for scuba divers and those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the larger resort areas.

Each of these destinations is a great place to visit while traveling to Mauritius. From exciting historical landmarks to beautiful beaches, the island of Mauritius truly has it all.

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