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Guide To The Many Charms of Leeds England

Let us guide you to Leeds, a lovely community in West Yorkshire, a full 200 miles north of London and about 40 miles northeast of Manchester.

Leeds Castle

Historically, Leeds was a market town that emerged as one of the centers for the wool trade, and you’ll find tastes of culture and architecture from the Middle Ages and beyond. Now Leeds is one of the largest cities in England, and it’s known as a great place for entrepreneurs, university students, people interested in shopping and nightlife, and anyone looking for activities in the great northern part of England.

My grandfather grew up in Leeds, and I was raised on his stories. He told me of the chilly winters and mild summers, and taking family trips to the nearby Pennines mountain range. Consequently, as soon as I was able to, I booked a trip to his hometown.  This was my first trip abroad, so I was careful to pack appropriately and purchase single-trip travel insurance. And then I was off, on my way to the Capital of the North.

Roundhay Park
Roundhay Park
Families with children will enjoy the many activities at Roundhay Park. The park is Leed’s most spacious area with acres of gorgeous scenery and lakes to explore. Visitors can also stop by the mansion house and eat at one of the five star restaurants. Active people can play golf, cricket or enjoy the miniature railway by Tropical World. Additionally, adults can enjoy the atmosphere (and drinks!) at one of the many neighborhood pubs.

Thornton’s Arcade
Thornton's Arcade
Those who appreciate fine older-styled architecture and shopping will love Thornton’s Arcade. It has a gothic appeal to it that many visitors enjoy. It is very close to the center of the city and contains a large assortment of affordable shops and amazing views. You and your family can walk through the arcade and watch the sun illuminate the Victorian glass or stand and marvel at the huge clock until it strikes the next hour. Thornton’s Arcade is an excellent place to get exercise and a lot of amazing pictures.

Hyde Park Picture House

The Hyde Park Picture House is an old school movie theater that shows three movies per day and offers very inexpensive snacks. The experience for most visitors is a pleasure compared to modern theaters with highly priced snack foods. Additionally, the seating and service is exceptional. Reviews from people who have visited this theater are all positive, which should tell you that the Hyde Park Picture House is the place to go for quality entertainment in Leeds.

The Grand Theater
The Grand Theater is another place for people to watch movies, concerts and shows in this fabulous city. The architecture is ingenious and staff members are polite, courteous and helpful. The Grand Theater offers more entertainment options than the Hyde Park Picture House. If you and your family would like to see a show rather than a movie, this is the place to go.

These are just a few of the things that you can see in Leeds. This city has so many places to visit that it’s just not possible to see everything in one day. The best advice would be to take at least three to five days to peruse the area and plan different experiences each day. You have chosen the perfect city to visit in the UK. Now you must make sure your trip is filled with pictures and stories that you can proudly take back home to your friends and extended family members.  Happy travels!

About The Author:  Marie Hunter – Besides traveling, Maire loves to back double chocolate brownies and walking her Scottish Terrier, Pete.
Photo Credits:  Flickr – #1 gailf548, #2 Tim Green, #3 stevecadman, #4 Tim Green


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