Canela Restaurant
21 Jun

My Vote For Best Restaurant In Jerusalem

I love to eat good food.  One of my favorite styles of cuisine is Arabic.  Cous-cous, hummus, lamb, roasted potatoes, tabouli, kafta, kibbeh, and more are among my favorites.  The spices are delicious, the meals well prepared, and for the most part, healthy.

Canela Restaurant

If you like this style of food, one of the most outstanding places to find it is at the Canela Restaurant in Jerusalem.  On Shlomzion Street, near the Israel Museum (known for its spectacular architecture and artwork) and not far from the beauty of Daniel Park, this two story gem is located in the heart of Jerusalem.  Wandering about nearby, you can’t help but be taken in by the beauty of a city with a history dating back thousands of years.  The mix of modernity and the ancient provides a unique and intoxicating environment in which to enjoy a quality meal.

Inside the restaurant, you immediately notice the tasteful décor, romantic lighting, and cozy dining area.  Each floor has its own bar facilities and restrooms, and from the moment you enter, you’ll be appreciative of the attentive staff and relaxing atmosphere.  You can find unique music on each floor as well, spaced so that no matter where you sit you can enjoy the tasteful songs as you eat.

Led by Chef Assaf Ariel, the restaurant mixes the best in modern French cuisine with the traditional Israeli food that patrons come to sample from miles away.  Signature meats include goose liver, beef filet, duck, and lamb.  The fish is sent daily from nearby ports and will not, I promise you, disappoint.  And, everything is kosher for those who are concerned about those standards.

The menu also includes an excellent eggplant carpaccio (I highly recommend this), chicken kebabs, sautéed asparagus and red beets, steaks, beef tongue, asparagus and spinach ravioli (also to die for!) and so much more.  Delicious doesn’t even begin to describe the dining experience.  Each dish is prepared expertly and will leave you savoring every last bite.

The meals are accompanied by an impressive selection of Israeli wines, from produces in the Golan Heights, Barkan, Castel, and more.  There are boutique wines like Kadesh Barnia and Psadot, and there’s even a special cellar which houses a very special and private selection of wines from top boutique wineries which is sure to impress even the most advanced sommelier.

The final touch is the in-house pastry shop which features a wide variety of dessert possibilities.  Pear cooked in white wine with vanilla and anise is dipped in a chocolate soufflé, and covered in kadaif pieces.  After it’s cooked just perfectly, it’s placed in a pistachio crème.  That’s just one dessert among many – if you can’t find something sweet that you like here, you simply aren’t trying.

The Canela Restaurant is one of the brightest stars in the cuisine of Israel, offering excellent dishes, a pleasant atmosphere, and delightful music.  It’s in a superb area, close to many popular attractions, yet tucked away just enough to be quaint and fashionable, and it’s near enough to the park to justify an after dinner walk to savor the evening.  It’s a wonder it’s not kept a secret by the locals, and enjoyed only sparingly.  Some things, I guess, are just too good to be kept to yourself.

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  • debs
    07/11/2012 at 8:39 am

    Canela is not near the Israel Museum. Canela is near the center of town and the Old City while the Israel Museum is near Hebrew University and the Knesset.

  • Susan
    07/11/2012 at 8:50 am

    Thanks very much for the clarification.

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