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Branson Golf
27 Jun

5 Ways To Have A Great Time In Branson Missouri

Branson Missouri is a small town offering big time fun.  Here are five ways to have a great vacation in Branson.

When you think of the top tourist locations in America, what do you think of? Obviously, I can’t speak for you, but when I ask myself that question, I think of New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orlando and Las Vegas. I can’t imagine my answers differ too drastically from the consensus.  Vegas would most likely be at the top of the list. But did you know that Vegas has something of a copycat town? It’s much smaller, MUCH smaller. This town has only 10,520 people, which is dwarfed by Las Vegas’ population of 580,000. Yet despite the miniscule population, it has been able to exceed $1 million in tourism every year since 2007. What is this town? It’s known as Branson, Missouri, and there are a lot of reasons to go visit.

Branson Missouri

That’s Entertainment!
On Highway 76, tourists can find a myriad of venues that regularly host some of the country’s most exemplary country music performers and classic rock titans. There is also a lot of theater and sketch comedy to be found on this highway, all fun, all family friendly. Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater hosts a notorious weekly tribute show called “American Legends,” where a wide assortment of today’s top tribute acts play sets in honor of everyone from Elvis to Lady Gaga.

A Swim in the Park
Again, one wouldn’t think this for so small of a town, but Branson has numerous fun filled waterparks. Grand Country, Silver Dollar City and Castle Rock are just a few of them. The White Water Park at Silver Dollar City possesses the most water rides of any park in all of the Ozarks, including the famous seven story high slide Kalani Towers. Grand Country has a wide array of pools designed for kids of all ages, and adults who are still kids at heart.

Be Putt in Your Place
Slowly but surely, Branson has ascended to be one of the premiere golf spots in the entire country.
Branson Golf

There are seven challenging and gorgeous golf courses that any advanced golfer would love to take a swing at, including Thousand Hills and Ledgestone. Ledgestone is built on a hill, so the par 71 course is particularly challenging. But given the surroundings of the dense Ozark hardwoods and pristine lakes, it is also particularly picturesque. The Payne Stewart Golf Club pays tribute to the late outstanding golfer, who was born just outside of Branson.

Several Days at the Museums
The Titanic Museum allows visitors to simulate the experience of sailing on the Titanic, only without the sinking. The museum is built in the shape of the famed ship, and houses several artifacts recovered from the bottom of the north Atlantic. Film fans will love the Hollywood Wax Museum, which possesses startlingly realistic wax sculptures of silver screen stars of years past like Marilyn Monroe and John Wayne, along with today’s biggest stars, such as Johnny Depp and Gwyneth Paltrow.

It’s the People
Despite all of these marvelous attractions, one of the primary reasons to visit this gem of a town is the people who reside in it. Branson residents are known to be some of the friendliest in the country, and are always incredibly welcoming to visitors. A trip to Branson shows many tourists what true southern hospitality really is.

Branson may never compete with Las Vegas as a tourism revenue, but for such a small town, it has such a grand heart. It’s hard to leave this city without being totally entertained.

About The Author:  David Bryce is an online publisher for the Thousand Hills Golf Resort,  Thousand Hills in Branson, MO. He blogs on the topics of golf, travel, and vacations.
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