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11 Jul

Karon Beach Phuket Thailand – Paradise Found At An Affordable Price

Here’s Why Karon Beach is the Top Place to Stay When Sightseeing in Phuket Thailand

Karon Beach Phuket Thailand

In Phuket, Karon Beach is one of the best places to stay if you’re on the island for sightseeing. Unlike other parts of the island which cover the beaches with privately owned ground, the beaches on Karon are mostly public. That means that you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars a night at an expensive hotel to get access to the beach.

The streets are littered with inexpensive restaurants, cozy bars and tour companies that can help you book destinations to anywhere on or off the island. Everything is centrally located and easily accessible.

If you want to get an unobstructed view of nature, head to northern Karon Beach. There, you’ll find a mostly undeveloped area of beach that’s not too touristy. It’s a great place to enjoy a walk on the beach or a quiet date with your romantic partner.

Renting Umbrellas
Don’t want to spend your beach day basking in the hot sun? It’s easy to get coverage by renting an umbrella. Many other beaches don’t have umbrella rentals or even forbid you from bringing your own. At Karon beach, the staff caters to your every need. Umbrella rentals are easy to come by and quite affordable.

Go Diving
Have you ever dived before? If not, Thailand is one of the best places to do it. Most places in the western world charge between $500 to $800 for a PADI Open Water diving certificate. On Karon Beach however, you can get one for just over $300.

The Sunrise Divers shop is centrally located on Karon Beach. You can see all kinds of fish, octopus and even the occasional shark if you really look. Generally you need to book a day or two in advance, but there are courses going on all the time. All the instructors and divemasters speak fluent English.

Buy Unique Thai Clothing
If you’re in the country to do a bit of shopping, Karon Beach won’t disappoint. There are numerous clothing markets where you can get everything from Thai silks to unique T-Shirt designs. If you’re in the mood for tailored clothing, you can get shirts and suits for pennies on the dollar.

As far as shopping goes, it’s one of the top places in Phuket.

Safe and Hassle Free
One of the biggest complaints of the bigger beaches on Phuket is the presence of hustlers. People often feel like they can’t walk down the street without being sold something.

Karon Beach is different. The environment is much more laid back, much more friendly and overall pressure free. If you don’t want to constantly say “no” to touts and have to duck out of conversations you don’t want to have, check out Karon Beach.

Staying in Karon Beach
Karon Beach is just a tad more expensive than Kata beach. It’s not considered a big party beach; rather it’s more of a laid back and luxurious yet affordable beach.

You can stay on Karon Beach for anywhere between 300 baht ($10) in a dorm room to 8,000 baht ($270) for a luxurious suite. Prices range from everything in between, depending on how much room you’re looking for and the location of the hotel.

Go for a Spa Treatment
The Spa Treatment in the Pacific Club Resort is not one to be missed. In the western world, such a treatment could easily run you over $100. On Karon Beach? It’s only 100 baht – About $3. The treatment includes both herbal steaming and spa treatment.

Want to go a step further? You can also get a Thai massage for under $200 baht ($7.) The massage is a full body, hour long relaxing massage from head to toe. You can also often ask for Shiatsu Japanese style massages as well.

18 Hole Mini-Golf
For just a little over $10 (adult) and under $10 for kids, you can enjoy several hours of non-stop mini-golf fun. With 18 different holes to shoot and a whole array of different greens, it’s a thrilling yet affordable way to spend a day.

As you can tell, Karon Beach has a lot to offer for someone who’s in Phuket for site seeing. Avoid the over crowded beaches like Kata Beach and instead opt for the more luxurious, yet still highly affordable Karon Beach.

About The Author: 
This article has been written by Daniel Johnshon, a writer originally based in Adelaide but now travelling the world and undertaking some content projects. Recently he visited Karon Beach, the 2nd largest beach on the west coast of Phuket. Check out Karon Beach tours, for more information on this beautiful beach destination.
Photo Credit – Flickr:John_DL

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