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Hipmunk Search
18 Jul – The Hippest New Travel Search Tool

When Simon, Theodore and Alvin need to travel-they have a new friend, and so do you –

In 2010 a frustrated world traveler graduated from MIT and thought there had to be better way to search, sort and connect to travel.  Why can’t travelers see all their choices based on their preferences?  Why do I have to scroll past the flights with 3 or more stops or that leave a midnight?   I, personally, have been so frustrated going on aggregator sites and getting bombarded with ads and pop ups.   Isn’t there some way I can see reasonably prices flights and hotels near my meetings?

Hipmunk,, appears to have the ability to customize travel search results to suit your needs and preferences.  “We focus on the customer experience, with the most relevant results first”, states Adam Goldstein, CEO.  Hipmunk provides a snapshot of carrier, price, duration, and number of stops.

In full disclosure, I had no clue about Hipmunk until I attended the ATME conference in Chicago.  What a surprise when I went on the site to look for a hotel and found options for apartment and home rentals as well as hotels

There are lots of helpful filters

Hipmunk Filter

And the results could not be clearer.

Hipmunk Search

This is not an advertisement for Hipmunk, since they do not advertise nor do they take advertising on their site (no pop up ads) .  This is just a really cool travel aggregator that is taking the agony out of travel planning and giving you a little ecstasy by bringing all the content information needed to make an informed travel decision. It is great that  Trip Advisor reviews pop up after your hotel search as well as the specific location.

Hipmunk Hotel Search

Their mobile app can actually sync with your calendar to assure your results match your travel plans.  And if you are having a problem they have chat support to assist you with your search. Don’t just take my word for it; check-out what users are saying on their twitter account @thehipmunk.  I recently used Hipmunk for my trip to Florida and what a breeze it was.  So hop on over to and tell them Wicked sent you.

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