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31 Jul

Discover Fantastic Worlds in Oahu Hawaii at Kualoa Ranch

In the far reaches of the windward side of the island of Oahu lies 4,000 acres of land.  From pristine beaches, to dense rainforests, expansive valleys to high-reaching cliffs, Kualoa Ranch contains some of Hawaii’s most diverse natural wonders.  And it’s all open and ready for you to begin exploring it.

Kualoa Ranch Oahu Hawaii

There are tons of ways to explore Kualoa, including tours by boat, bus, foot, and Jurassic park-style 6-wheelers! Often times, there is hotel transportation to and from resorts like the Best Western Honolulu.  You can book all these tours online with advanced planning, which never hurts. has several tour packages and is a great source to get the rundown on all that you can do there. Each tour is totally affordable and if you want to shave off a whole day there, we suggest you pick your favorites and do it all.

Guided movie tours are one of the coolest things you can do on Kualoa.  You’ll find everything from Godzilla footprints to Jurassic Park landmarks, location spots from Lost, 50 First Dates and tons of others.

Kualoa Ranch Steer Sign

Another favorite for me was the Ancient Fishing Grounds and Tropical Garden tours.  This tour is a relaxing one–lean back as you cruise through the grandiose mountains and ridges, crawl through Hawaii’s extremely well-preserved fish ponds and smell the pleasant cacophony of tropical flowers and fruit trees.  What a treat for all your senses… all the while learning about Hawaii’s rich agricultural heritage.

Kualoa Ranch is so huge that they even rent out spaces for weddings, corporate events, concerts, and social events.  Each plot has its own unique charm about it.  Imagine yourself all dressed up with your loved ones in toe, professing your wedding vows with Mokoli’I Island and Kane’ohe Bay as the backdrop.  If you ask me, it’s worth it for the pictures alone! You can find more about the price and availability of the Ranch House, where many private events are held, online at Kualoa’s website (which happens to be quite informative).

Lost Filming Location Hawaii

There is so much to do at Kualoa Ranch, and something in it for everyone.  Whether you’re going with the whole family or just you and your partner, you’ll keep busy and fascinated all day, without a doubt.

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