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Monaco Casino

6 of the world’s best gaming vacation destinations
Monaco Casino

Online gaming with sites like Gaming Club Online Casino have captured a large amount of the market, but there’s nothing as exciting as visiting a casino while you are enjoying international travel. Here’s our list of 6 of the most exciting gaming destinations across the globe.

Las Vegas is the original home of glitz, bright lights, debauchery and big wins. Vegas offers 24/7 entertainment with huge casinos, Cirque du Soeil shows, drive through weddings and a nightlife that thrives on excess. The spirit of Las Vegas is captured by hotels and casinos like the Bellagio with its famous fountains set to symphonies and the MGM Grand that offers nonstop entertainment and some of the best shows in the world. Both resorts offer guests opulence and luxury in a city that’s truly one of a kind.

Macau in Asia has become the Vegas of the Orient and surprisingly offers more casinos than Vegas itself; the biggest casino resort in Macau is the Venetian, which is worth a visit just to see 4 football-field size casino floors and appreciate the sheer luxury and hospitality on offer. Macau visitor’s senses are overwhelmed with more than just the Vegas- style strip of casinos, they are treated to an incredible fusion of east meets west and the flawless merging of European and Chinese cultures is evident in the architecture, temples, churches, museums, history and food.

If you are after the epitome of luxury and class Monte Carlo is the place for you. Plan a deluxe trip to the principality of Monaco and be treated to the standard of luxury you would expect from the playground of the rich and famous. Play with the who’s who at the Casino de Monte Carlo and be charmed by the atmosphere of yesteryear and the old school glamour that gives this casino its own special brand of distinction. The Casino de Monte Carlo comprises of 2 sections, the ground floor with the atrium houses slots and table games, is slightly more casual and is open to tourists for a fee. The Salon Prive opens later in the day to serious gamblers and offers exclusive, private salons where only one game is at play at a time. The casino enforces both an entrance fee and strict dress code, and although tuxedoes and ball gowns are no longer compulsory it is requested that appropriate attire is worn-no shorts or flip flops downstairs and a jacket is required after 8pm in the salons. In Monaco, as in the Bahamas, it is illegal for citizens and residents to gamble at the casinos, so guests will need to carry their passport as identification, and to claim any winnings they may acquire. Olde class casinos, Super yachts, Grand Prix, pristine coastlines and high society are all synonymous with Monte Carlo and a visit here is a must for any discerning casino fan.

Play with one of the biggest gaming communities internationally; Australia has estimated that over 80% of all Aussies indulge in gambling on a regular basis and will welcome new players with open arms. As a continent Australia offers visitors the best of thriving metropolises, stunning coastal areas, the wild Outback and more than 400 casinos and racetracks. Sydney is home to Star City casino that offers premier entertainment and accommodation all under one roof, featuring more than 10 restaurants with top chefs, a spa, luxury brand retail stores and special events.  Perched on the stunning Trinity inlet in the far north of Queensland, the Pullman Reef hotel and casino is a venue with breathtakingly beautiful scenery as it is just a stone’s throw away from the Great Barrier Reef. The casino features over 500 state of the art gaming machines and tournaments and promotions are held weekly, welcoming visitors to a gaming paradise with amazing ocean views. In addition to hosting one of Australia’s most luxurious, world class boutique casinos, The Cairns Wildlife Dome is located on the roof of the hotel and allows visitors to get up close and personal with Australia’s native wildlife, offering unique entertainment of a different kind.

France welcomes visitors with a reputation of fine food and great history, but as well as being home to the Eifel tower and the Arc du Triomphe it boasts more than 450 casinos and  is home to the most famous poker rooms that can often be found tucked away discreetly down a side alley. The Aviation Club de Paris was established in 1907 as an exclusive gentleman’s club and retains its glamour in both the casino and the fine dining room. Experience firsthand the venue of the World poker tour and the elegance and class that is synonymous with Paris.

The Bahamas has emerged recently as a preferred gaming destination and although it is not yet world famous for its casinos it has the most incredible scenery and is renowned for its easy lifestyle, endless white beaches and sparkling waters. The relaxing and pristine resort environment is the ideal location for enjoying some casino action at the One and Only Ocean Club where you’ll find luxurious accommodation, private beaches, personal attendants and superb casino entertainment. Or go for nonstop entertainment at the famed Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island.  Players will need to have their passport on hand as just as in Monaco, residents are not legally allowed to gamble so players need proof of ID to claim their winnings. Experience true island hospitality and enjoy water sports, cruises, golf and other amazing island activities, then unwind in the resorts world class casinos after dark.

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