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5 Sep

Great Travel Destinations For Differently Abled People

As a differently abled person, I’m always on the lookout for convenient travel destinations. I love sightseeing, enjoying the great outdoors and spending time with my friends and family. With accessible destinations around the world, there’s no reason for my disability to keep me at home. Instead, I found a few great travel spots that are perfect for me and can be the perfect destinations for you too.

Camping trips

I relax when hearing crickets in the morning and smelling the campfire at night. But the woods aren’t exactly wheelchair friendly. Because camping in a tent doesn’t work, I decided to modify a vehicle that enables me to enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

Abled Van

I started with a 23-foot van. It drives with the ease of a minivan while providing plenty of interior space. To make it camping friendly, I added a wheelchair lift and a few other accessories. A fridge and microwave provide 24-hour access to food and cold beverages. The eco-friendly toilet provides the convenience my family and I need in the great outdoors. I also added a sink, dining area and bed. There’s plenty of space for electronic entertainment and pet cages, as well as all the clothing, supplies and other essential items we need. I can keep it stocked year-round and simply pack clean clothes and food when I decide to head outdoors. If you love camping too, check out handicap vans and the adjustments that turn them into first-class camping vehicles like mine.

Beach excursions

The smell of saltwater awakens my senses as I watch the sunrises and sunsets on the beach. Because I love the beach, I‘m very interested in finding beaches that are wheelchair accessible. Flat parking areas and smooth walkways allow me to reach the sand safely. If I’m lucky, the beach offers rental sand chairs so I can play in the water and in the sand with my family. Roll-in shower areas make clean up a breeze. If you like to fly, England offers amazing beaches:

They all offer a variety of amenities for me and my family and I appreciate their attention to differently abled guests who enjoy the smell of saltwater.

Amusement parks

I enjoy riding gravity-defying rides and amusement parks give me a thrill. I traveled to Disney World recently and enjoyed the options they provided for me and my family. If you want to enjoy an amusement park this summer, consider several important features. When ordering your tickets or before arriving at the park, check into accessible parking. You can save time and decrease frustration when you get detailed direction to the handicap parking spaces, especially when visiting large parks. I always start my visit by checking in at the welcome desk. Guest service agents provide guidance about accessible rides and they help me navigate the park easily. Because ride attendants can’t physically transfer me from my chair to the ride, I need someone who can help me. Parks provide opportunities for my family and me to bond while having fun away from home. Early spring and fall make the best times to visit amusement parks. The weather isn’t too hot or uncomfortable and the lines are shorter, which makes the trip more enjoyable for me.

If you love to travel like I do, consider these handicap accessible travel destinations. While certain locations around the world remain inaccessible to disabled travelers, you can fulfill your need for adventure and travel at several great destinations.

About The Author:  This guest post was shared with us by Marie Hunter.

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