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12 Sep

Wander The Prosecco Road in North-East Italy For A Bubbly Good Adventure

An Introduction To The Prosecco Road in Northeast Italy.

There was a time when Prosecco wine would be the drink of choice of only a few fortunate Italian northerners, a common presence at the end of their meals or to celebrate special occasions.  But with exports of this sparkling white continuously on the rise, it’s about time the traditions behind this rising star of the wine universe also got the recognition they deserve.

Procecco Region MapTo understand properly why Prosecco shouldn’t just be treated as Champagne’s fiercest rival, but rather as a product with a heritage of its own, the best thing you could do is set out towards the welcoming production areas, located in the Veneto region in North-East Italy. Along the 20 kilometres of roads linking Valdobbiadene and Conegliano, which are responsible for 60 per cent of the global production,  Prosecco, wine even more than in the rest of Italy, is an essential part of the lifestyle.

In a region which many travelers know for abundant charm of Venice and the classy architecture of many villas, the locals are in fact as passionate about their drinks as they are authentic and straightforward. Here Prosecco has steadily become part of the fabric of life: more often than not it is mixed with Aperol, a locally produced bitter, and soda water in order to make a Spritz, easily the most refreshing cocktail for your red hot Italian summer. Taking a Spritz in one of many open-air bars in this area is in fact an aperitif ritual, the best way to socialise and enjoy a heart-warming sunset over historical and lively city centres.


But if Spritz is now an institution and is easily available all around these areas, more demanding wine lovers will want to venture away from the beautiful Veneto piazzas towards the countryside. Perhaps the better way discover Prosecco without letting the chalices lead you astray too soon is to follow the various itineraries available or join one of the organised trips around these areas, such as Prosecco di Marca tours. But even on your own you will be able to enjoy these green and gentle hills where some of the best Italian wine makers are based, as well as to stop and relax in the peace of the beautiful surroundings.

With historic cellars such as Cantina Bisol, dating back to 1875, and Carpenè Malvolti, founded in 1877, there is enough of a warranty that wine making here is an art to be treated as such. In order to master it properly, at Cantina Bisol you’ll even be able to take wine tasting courses. As you help sommeliers through the production process and wish your fellow drinkers “Salute!”, that charming, golden nectar called Prosecco will make you want to stay over for at least a couple more glasses.
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