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2 Oct

Planning a Pure Adventure Holiday in the UK

One Week of Adventure in the UK – The Ultimate Itinerary

So, you have a week off work, maybe you are a tourist visiting the UK, or maybe you are just eager to drop everything and have an adventure induced week. Well if you’re in the UK – you’re in the right place!

Adventure in UK

If you are reading this, then no doubt you are similar to me; you thrive on activities, experiences, challenges, all of which provoke an exciting adrenaline rush that becomes a memorable moment. Well if so, then I am going to share with you a one week itinerary that you and your mates can have a shot at. Each activity will be located within the UK and will be accessible by car or public transport.

Monday-Tuesday Surfing in the South-West

The South-West of England is the most desirable place in England to live. Why, you may ask? This is due to the slightly warmer climate, breath-taking landscape, and close proximity to picturesque, sandy beaches that line its shores. These many beaches prove to be a perfect playground for an adventure sport fanatic. The counties of North Devon and Cornwall are most famed for the high-octane sport of surfing. There are a couple of spots that you have to check out. These include;

Adventure UK Surfing

Croyde (North Devon)

Croyde is a ‘surfing mecca’. Renowned as one of the UK’s best beach breaks, it has become a summer retreat for beach-goers and surf hunters alike. As the tide drains out, thumping, low-tide barrels present themselves on the right peak. However, one must approach these with care due to the shallowness of the water and the ferocity of the breaking wave.

Fistral, Newquay (Cornwall)

I am sure you are aware that Newquay is the surfing hub of the UK. Engrossed in surf shops, surf dudes and a selection of the country’s best surfing beaches, this place is a must if you want to try your hand at surfing. The main beach of Fistral gets very busy, but is long enough to disperse the crowds and ensure you bag yourself some waves. Be cautious of the rip-currents.

Wednesday-Thursday Skating in London

So you have had a few days in the water, now it’s time for some on-land activities. Due to its diversity, architecture and sheer size, London has become a skateboarder’s paradise. There are a few places you have to check out which will take a few days to fully appreciate.

London Skatepark

Bay 66 London (Ladbrook Grove Tube Station)

Now named Bay 66, this park used to be the worldwide famous Playstation Skatepark. Located under a noisy main road, this long, rectangular skatepark is quite possibly the most intelligently laid out skate facility in the UK. These obstacles are crafted from smooth wood and include a multi-level half pipe, a competition level vert ramp, roll-ins, jump boxes, hand rails and every other piece of skating equipment you can possibly think of.

Brixton Bowl London (Stockwell Tube Station)

An ancient, concrete masterpiece that has been the feature of countless skateboarding, roller-blading and BMX videos. Why? This is due to the unique, smooth bowls that have been moulded in such a way that they become a skater’s paradise. It offers a very traditional skating feel and perfect for just cruising around. The area suffers from a high crime rate so stay safe.

Friday-Saturday Coasteering and Kayaking in Wales

The Welsh coastline is surrounded with natural beauty. My entire childhood was spent exploring the Pembrokeshire coastline and taking full advantage of the adventure possibilities that lie in this region. Two of my favourite activities are;

Coasteering Wales

Coasteering (Blue Lagoon)
Coasteering involves gearing up in a wetsuit and life jacket and then proceeding to hurl yourself from cliffs into the stunning Atlantic Ocean
. You will then be required to swim, climb and jump your way around the rugged coastline. A perfect place to perfect this activity is the Blue Lagoon. Located at Abereiddi, this old slate quarry has become the perfect location for this adrenaline provoking adventure.

Kayaking (St.Davids)
The waters that surround the tiny city of St.Davids are perfect for a spot of sea Kayaking. A range of kayaks are available for rent at most beach locations as well as outlets in the city such as TYF. Whether it be a spot of surf-kayaking at Whitesand’s beach of exploring the waters of the Ramsey Sound on a calm summers day, be sure to try your hand as this unique sport.

Sunday Snowboarding in Leeds
If you’re not absolutely exhausted by your fun-filled week of adventure, then why not head to the area of Leeds for a spot of snowboarding.

Xscape, Sno!zone (Castleford, 15 Miles)

Real, fake snow, (ironic I know) this 170m long slope gives you ample space to keep your skill levels up, out of season.

Indoor Snowboarding Leeds

If you’re only learning, or want to try out snowboarding or skiing for the first time, they also offer a beginner- friendly slope where you can be mentored by trained professionals. There is a range of freestyle events available, all of which offer a diverse, park set-up – check out the website for event dates.

About The Author:
  When Dale isn’t travelling or surfing around Europe you’ll find him lacing up the latest and greatest skate shoes at Nucleus surf shop, who are leading providers of Skullcandy headphones and Nike snowboard boots.
Photo Credits, #1 Dale, #2 Justin Beckley, #3 Roo Reynolds, #4 Celtic Quest Coasteering, #5 Plasticsnow aka Kat

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