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8 Oct

Guide To Finding Spectacular Fishing In British Columbia

Guide To Spectacular Fishing in British Columbia

British Columbia Scenery

I’ve always thought fishing is about much more than just catching fish.
Don’t get me wrong, there’s no denying that a good fight with a Chinook salmon is always one of the highlights of the trip for anyone that knows the sport. However, any real angler that lands one of these beauties in British Columbia will tell you the scenic atmosphere in that Canadian province is just as important as the Sturgeon and Steelhead that abound there

That’s why you need to plan any fishing trip as much around what you’ll catch as the mountain streams, hidden lakes and coastal waters you’ll find in British Columbia. That’s no small challenge. With over 20,000 km of coastline, thousands of miles of rivers and streams and 25,000 lakes, you can find your choices overwhelming without some direction.

Fly Fishing British Columbia

Reasons why BC is such a world-renowned fishing destination

Wide-open spaces, great fishing and a huge variety of Single Malt Scotch Whisky are the perfect combination for evenings at The Fraser River Lodge spinning yarn about “The One That Got Away”. That’s just one of the great places that British Columbia offers in the way of lodging. There are of course many others to choose from that include hotels, motels and a variety of lodges.

Finding a great place to stay is just one of the features that make British Columbia a great fishing spot. The charter services here are some of the best in the world. Safe high speed boats that have amenities like toilets on board are pretty much a given, but when you’re catching fish in one of the bigger migration routes off the West coast of Vancouver Island, you’ll find the little extras you get, like local recipes with charters such as West Edge Fishing, make a big difference.

British Columbia Fishing Boats

There’s a whole cultural experience waiting for you on a fishing trip to Canada’s most western province. My idea has always been to plan any fishing trips around local cultural festivals and anyone that knows anything at all about British Columbia knows there are lots to choose from. Ucluelet is no exception. The Pacific Rim Whale Festival is a great time to celebrate the gray whale migration and the Pacific Rim Summer Festival is, as the name suggests, all about great tunes and these have an international flavor.

How to plan a successful fishing trip in BC

It all starts with the right planning. The more you take the time to look after all the details before you start out on any fishing trip to British Columbia, the more relaxing the trip will be. Remember the best comparison-shopping starts on the Internet.

Fly Fishing With Guide British ColumbiaThere are many people in British Columbia making their living from tourism and fishing and they know the value of presenting great accommodations and attractions to keep you active when your rod isn’t in the water. is an all-encompassing site and the fishing section can help you with detailed overviews of top locations and the sport fish in each one.

Fly Fishing With Guide British Columbia

Don’t forget to pack your waders and hats so you can be comfortable either on a charter or in a fast running mountain stream, and remember that wraparound sunglasses with polarized lenses are indispensable in the striking BC sunshine. You’ll need those glasses to cut down on the glare, whether you are out on the open water in a chartered boat or hip deep in a mountain stream.

No one I know only fishes in B.C. once. If you want to start comparison-shopping for the fishing trip that you’ll remember until you come back, get in touch with the good people at BC Sportfishing Guide Association. They can put you in touch with reputable and professional charters to help you to build a spectacular fishing trip in British Columbia.

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