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Monument Valley Utah Flickr:Benjamin Dumas
11 Oct

America’s Top Native American Sites – A Fascinating Family Vacation Choice

Travel to Native American Sites And Experience Their Rich Cultural History

Monument Valley Utah

Monument Valley Utah by victorfe

Why Travel to Native American Sites?

Because Native Americans serve as caretakers for the land, a vacation to Native Indian sites provides visitors with the chance to relax and connect with the earth. In the midst of tranquility, anyone can unwind and enjoy a peaceful vacation away from the stress of daily life.

Visitors to tribal sites and reservations also gain firsthand access to the past as they learn to appreciate the present. These experiences are especially meaningful to Native American descendants, but anyone can appreciate cultural lessons learned during visits to Native American sites.

When planning a vacation to Native American destinations, consider visiting five sites.

Fort Berthold Indian ReservationSacagawea Trail, North Dakota
Surrounding Lake Sacagawea, the road around the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation commemorates Lewis and Clark’s exploratory adventure and their Native American guide. Visitors enjoy nature along the lake and can stay in a teepee or earthlodge at the nearby Earthlodge Village at New Town. In addition to a relaxing vacation, guests appreciate the history of this Native American site.

Chickasaw National Recreation AreaChickasaw, Oklahoma
Celebrating nature, the Chickasaw National Recreation Area welcomes guests to enjoy the outdoors. Camping, hiking, swimming and boating provide everyone from families to individuals with the chance to connect with nature and enjoy Chickasaw stewardship. Nearby exhibits and educational programs introduce guests to Chickasaw history.

Monument Valley Utah Flickr:Benjamin DumasMonument Valley, Utah
Exploring the lands of the Navajo includes spectacular views of the hills and valleys where Indians have lived for generations. Guests experience the tribal traditions in person when staying in a Navajo Hogan. Activities like a jeep tour of the grounds, outdoor dinner, storytelling and dancing give visitors a once in a lifetime chance to experience life through a Native American perspective.

National Museum of the American Indian, Washington, D.C.

A comprehensive collection of memorabilia and exhibits, the museum welcomes travelers with free admission. This destination is perfect for anyone who’s looking for an accurate overview of life as a Native American. With interactive exhibits, guests learn about the history of tribes throughout North America.

Gathering of Nations New MexicoGathering of Nations, New Mexico
Every year in April, the largest powwow in North America attracts thousands of dancers and spectators. In addition to performances, crafts and food give guests insight into Native American culture. Visitors of all ages appreciate the spectacular opportunity to participate in the popular event.

Etiquette to Observe when Visiting Native American Sites

While enjoying Native American history and culture, guests should treat the destinations with respect.

  • Remove litter and trash.
  • Leave the nature and wildlife undisturbed.
  • Observe local laws.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol on the grounds.
  • Stay on designated trails.

During a vacation to a Native American site, visitors learn about traditional culture, religion and celebrations. Taking part in the daily life of a tribe connects visitors with an ancient civilization that remains a vital part of the American experience.

About The Author:  Jessica loves the great outdoors and enjoys hiking, kayaking with friends and camping. She’s planning a trip to Florence to experience wine country.
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