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8 Nov

Great Travel Apps For Your New Tech Toys

Whether you are a frequent traveller or you are going on your annual break away, we all need something to keep us occupied as we embark on our plane, ferry or train journey. It is now standard to see people walking around the airport or train station with a tablet in their hand, so we have put together a list of some of the best travel apps so you can be completely prepared for your travels.


JetLag Genie

We all hate jet-lag; it is the one thing that can sour a holiday or business trip. However, there is a solution with the JetLag Genie app. All you have to do is enter the date you will be travelling, where you are travelling to and when you usually sleep from and until, and it will provide you with custom alarm clocks set to slowly change your sleeping habits. Say goodbye to that groggy, tired feeling, and all for just $2.99!

XE Currency Converter

Have you ever been in a store or restaurant whilst away trying to convert the price of something (and usually end up getting it totally wrong!) ? The fabulous, free XE Currency Converter can save you from dividing, multiplying and subtracting numbers whilst trying to order a beer or buying a shirt. Using live currency rates and converting over 180 currencies, XE is a must for your tablet when travelling.


Whether you travel a lot for business or are taking your family away for a holiday, we all get a little disorganized, especially if you are staying in more than one location or have multiple meetings. Well say hello to your very own personal assistance, WorldMate. This free app can save you from turning up somewhere on the wrong day or arriving for your reservation at the steak house a day early! Forward WorldMate all of your confirmation emails, this can be for everything from a museum trip, car hire, restaurants, hotels, flights and so much more and this clever app will present you with a personalised and itemised itinerary. There is a premium version which will even notify you if your flight details or your gate has changed! How handy is that!

Word Lens

Do you know your poulet from your pollo or your patata from your pomme de terre? There has been a point when almost all of us have sat down in a restaurant abroad and ordered something that we weren’t 100% sure what it was until it arrived. Word Lens is here to stop this from happening by using your tablets camera to translate foreign text! The app costs $4.99 and comes with one language pack and currently English to French, Spanish or Italian are available. If you want to add an extra language pack on there is an extra cost but we think it is definitely worth it!

We hope this list of tech apps for your tablets will ease the stress out of travelling, with so many more out there for you to discover…you will have never travelled like this before!

About The Author:  Anna Robinson is an author and blogger who writes about all things tech-related. She tries to incorporate her hobbies into her writing, so you will often find posts on travel, playing pokies, and watching TV.


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