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13 Nov

Popular Ways For Travellers To Work in France

Popular work opportunities in France for adventurous language travellers

If you’re travelling to France as a student from an EU country, you will also have the option of finding work while you’re there. All EU nationals can find employment in France and obtain residence permits if needed. You don’t always need an extensive knowledge of French in order to work in the country. However, if you’re setting off on an immersion programme of study in France, more options are potentially available.

Here are a few of the most popular jobs opportunities for language travellers in France.

Fruit picking

Fruit Picker France

With a huge expanse of vineyards, casual outdoor work is much needed all year round in France. Fruit pickers can work harvesting grapes, apples, maize and other local produce. Local employment services can help you find work picking, or you can simply turn up to a few nearby farms and ask around.

Wages are not always brilliant for fruit-picking jobs, and usually you are paid depending on how much you collect. However, it is unlikely you will need a strong grasp of French for this position. You may well be working alongside others who are also visiting from the UK.

Au pairing

Au Pair

There are plenty of opportunities for those who want to work as au pairs during their time in France. Usually, you will be required to work about five hours a day and most employers will require you to study French while you work.

One of the benefits to au pairing is that it is a live-in job. Free meals and accommodation will be provided, and some families can offer a travel pass for local transport. A background check will normally be required in order for you to work with young children.


In peak tourist times, Disneyland employs more than 12,000 workers. Jobs are varied and can include waiting tables, supervising rides, selling tickets or dressing up as a Disney character. The majority of jobs are available been March and October.

You will need to be able to speak French to at least a conversational level for these jobs and working in a customer-focused environment will allow you to improve quickly. Find more info on language courses in France at


French camping agencies often require assistants during peak tourist times and the summer months are especially busy. You will need a basic knowledge of French for this role as you will be interacting with a wide range of people. In these jobs, food and accommodation is provided so you won’t have to worry about paying for your lodgings during your employment.


Teaching English in France provides a great way to make a living while meeting new friends. There’s no need for advanced qualifications – in France, native English-speaking teachers are in demand. If you have a bachelor’s degree and a basic knowledge of French, you’re a likely candidate for a teaching job.

Working during your trip doesn’t have to be stressful and you could find it opens lots of doors for your future career. From jobs in France that don’t require knowledge of French to more advanced positions, there are plenty of ways to support yourself while you’re there.

About The Author:  This article was written by Rebecca Stuart-Palmer on behalf of ESL. Rebecca is a english-born writer and linguistics teacher who knows the rigors and benefits of learning alternate languages.
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