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15 Nov

Release Your Inner Child At A Make Meaning Store

Disconnect, unplug and tap into your own creativity at one of the newly opened Make Meaning stores.   Share the experience with your children or friends and create long lasting memories.  This is a great way to have a stay-cation day together and leave with a handcrafted memento to remember it by.

Make Meaning Store

During a rainy weekend on the Vineyard we discovered a create your own pottery shop and I am still using the same cracker dish today. Every time I place the crackers in the dish I think about that rainy day on the Vineyard and smile. Make Meaning Stores have a similar concept, but they have brought crafts of all kinds together in one entertaining forum.  From painting pottery, making soap and candles, creating jewelry, custom stationary, to decorating cakes like a professional and celebrating special times, it’s all here.  Visit with friends, family or take some time for yourself, there is an inner child in all of us.  Taking the time to explore personal creativity and creating a unique masterpiece is all possible through the doors of Make Meaning.

Beads at Make MeaningAs you walk through the doors the enchantment begins and it feels a little like walking into a magical village.   Shelves stocked with various supplies spur your creative mind and the systematic approach of choosing supplies makes it simple to build that special project. Everything begins with a base price and prices are all clearly marked.   The expert staff is there to answer your questions and jar your creative spirit.

Pottery at Make MeaningPractical pottery and glassware make beautiful holiday gifts as well as candles and soap for those small gab bag holiday gift.   Unlike other craft shops, Make Meaning brings back “personal and homemade gifts”, crafted for that special person.  Escaping to the creative hideaway and leaving with both an experience as well as a memorable item provides fun and pride.

As the holiday’s approach Make Meaning is the perfect place to look for gift ideas, spend some quality time together and craft a very personalized gift for a friend or family member.   cake decorating at Make MeaningMembership programs provide credits, discounts and notifications of events makes the perfect family gift which lasts longer than the holiday.   Family memberships allow up to 5 users and special VIP coupons for friends as well as offering discounts on all materials.

So take some time out to make meaning in your left as well as someone else with a special time and project.  Remember what it is like to use your imagination and hands to unleash that inner child.

Make Meaning stores are located in California, Arizona, Massachusetts and New York.  We visited the store at Legacy Place in Dedham, MA and had a great time looking at all the craft possibilities!


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