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19 Nov

Top Ways To Stay In Touch While Travelling

What’s New In Top Communication Devices and Apps for Travellers

Keeping in touch is never more important than when travelling far from home, and thankfully, it has never been easier or cheaper to do. The latest travel communication apps and devices not only help you talk, send pictures and texts, but they also help you communicate when abroad. Here are some that you should not leave home without:

Play it safe – Emergency Apps

Of the many safety and security communication apps available three stand out as potential lifesavers for travellers.

  • Help Call auto-detects your location and gives you immediate one-touch access to local police, fire stations and ambulances in 126 countries.
  • Ice 4 Travel stores your emergency contact information as wallpaper on your phone in seven different languages, making it easy for others to notify people should there be a problem.
  • Ping4 communicates public safety alerts directly to your smartphone that can be tailored to the areas you’re visiting.

Speak like a local

Language differences are no longer a barrier to travel with the latest translation apps that help you decipher menus, get directions and communicate with locals wherever you may be. With Vocre, whatever you say can be translated into English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese or Spanish. A less sophisticated but free alternative is the Google Translate app, which translates into 58 languages.

A picture speaks a thousand words

Smart Phones

Instagram for iPhone users (or Lightbox for Android) make sending snaps easy and fun. Experiment with different treatments – like the retro sepia tint or funky fish-eye shot – and then instantly upload them to your Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr account for sharing.

Take your home phone with you

The latest VoIP technology offered by providers such as Vonage gives you an adapter that can convert any phone near a broadband router into your home phone. This means you can keep enjoying those low call rates and receive premium services without the premiums such as voicemails transcribed as text and emailed to you.

Keep on texting or show your face

Text message addicts no longer need seek therapy before travelling. WhatsApp Messenger offers free texting and video messaging anywhere in the world as long as you have a WiFi or 3G connection. The Skype app gives smartphones all the same functionality users have come to know and love from using the software on their computers. There are free video calls and Instant Messaging and access to reduced rate international phone calls.

Rekindle your love of reading

Smart Phone Photos

When you’re tired of sightseeing, talking, texting and sharing photos, holidays are a great time to catch up on reading. The Kindle app from Amazon means you no longer have to carry your books with you. It gives you access to a comprehensive ebook marketplace where you can download your holiday reading as you travel and adjust the font size, page colour and orientation so it’s just how you want it. So kick back, relax and enjoy your travels!

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