Sunny Sorrento – A Perfect Base to Explore Southern Italy

Sunny Sorrento

Sorrento makes a perfect base to explore the beauty of southern Italy.  Here are the top 5 places to easily visit from Sorrento.

Sunny Sorrento

The world is a smaller and more accessible place these days and we are reaching more destinations with ease. It’s intriguing to experience another culture, try a different dish, sip on local wine and see history with your own eyes is more in our minds than ever before. Unfortunately time is a big factor for a lot of travellers. Even though exotic, exciting, new and different places are more accessible, we don’t always have the time to make a multiple stop journey and pack and unpack our suitcases to really explore  the marvels of a country.

Italy in my opinion is one of the most desirable countries in the world to tour,, offering romance, beauty, history, fine dining and some of the friendliest people I have ever met. From the legendary cities of Venice, Rome and Naples to some of its coastline gems, the Amalfi Coast, Capri and Sorrento, Italy has so much to see and do.  The beautiful city of Sorrento, with its striking views over the Bay of Naples has a wealth of Greek, Roman and Medieval architecture, top restaurants and vibrant shopping streets.

It’s ideal location, to its superb surroundings, and easy means of transport to a range of history and culture, beautiful coastline and beaches and stunning landscapes is great for travellers wanting to see a bit of everything in one trip. Here are 5 of the top places to visit whilst based in Sorrento which will satisfy all travellers’ desires and give you the perfect Sorrento Holiday.



Ancient Pompeii, one of Italy’s top attractions, is just a half hour journey from Sorrento and truly is  a Roman masterpiece. Buried and abandoned in the year 79 A.D due to the volcano eruption of Mount Vesuvius, which helped preserve the city, Pompeii has an array of Roman forums, baths and Villas to admire which date back to the year 80 B.C. Its many wonders and treasures has earned it a place on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Wonder the cobblestone alleyways rich in history, emerge yourself in the busy, lively way of life and enjoy the music and theatre. Naples is a fascinating city that shouldn’t be missed and has one of the best pizzas I have ever had; well it is the home of pizza! Naples is also home to the treasures of Pompeii in its Archaeological museum so, if like me, after a visit to the city, you will perhaps want to see more of the story.

Amalfi Coast
Described as one of the most impressive drives in Europe with its winding cliff top roads, the Amalfi Coast offers some of the most breathtaking views I have witnessed.  Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Amalfi coast is a mixture of nature and history and the little charming towns in between.

Island of Capri|
The beautiful island of Capri, lures its visitors with its glorious colourful landscapes, picturesque sea views and host of fine dining. Capri town is home to the famous Piazzetta Square where the entire island meets, and I have spent many hours watching the world go by and taking in the splendour of the island.

Island of Ischia
Charming small towns and villages, thermal spas, fantastic landscapes and pleasant climate, the largest of the Neapolitan islands draws fewer visitors than its neighbouring islands but those who do visit, see it for the gem it really is. Hosting springs, thermal spas and  fumaroles, Ischia attracts the most romantic of visitors looking to unwind and relax.

With many of the desirable attractions of Italy in close proximately and a wonderful base for you to see it from, I would choose a Sorrento holiday, with so many legendary places to see all from one convenient base.

With all this said, I predict a stay in Sorrento will not be your last, as like me, after falling in love with the Italian way of life, you will be visiting time and time again.

About the Author: Christina is a keen Italy enthusiast with Italian roots and is enjoying making her way around the country.

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