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29 Nov

Five Christmas Gifts To Take On A Plane

Five Christmas Gifts to Take On a Plane

Christmas is already quite a hassle for anyone who’s buying presents for their beloved ones, but what if you also have to bring those gifts to another destination? Then things become a bit harder…

Here are the 3 things that will define what you can take on a plane:

  • Destination
  • Airline and Baggage Fees
  • Class of travel

For example, if you are flying on an international flight to or from the USA then you get two checked bags at 23kgs depending on the airline. But then if you fly first class you really won’t have any of these problems as most first class tickets don’t have restrictions on baggage.

For us lesser mortals who have to fly cattle class with no reclining seats and who have to pay for our baggage allowance we need to make sure we are shopping smart this year, so check this (not) exhaustive list of gift ideas that take the hassle out of packing.  And remember, gifts cannot be wrapped – you’ll have to wait until you reach your destination to complete your presentation.

Buy an experience

Car Experience  

Buy something that your recipient can enjoy like a spa treatment or a theatre ticket. Think about your intended target – sorry for the military terminology but sometimes you have to be precise and calculated when it comes to Christmas, so you need that military precision! – and list their interests and hobbies. Think if you can buy them something they can enjoy after Christmas. It could be a local tour, dance lessons, a meal out or even driving an exotic car.

Buy something that gets delivered at the destination

 Mailing Package

Why not get your gifts delivered to your destination? If you are shopping online you can see if your Christmas presents can be sent to where you are going. Most good online retailers will make it easy for you to have items gift wrapped and delivered to a different destination from your billing address.

Buy something small

Gift Necklace

Here is one for you romantics with money to burn. Diamonds are small and easy to transport. Ok, they are also very expensive for their size, but you could look at gifts that are not too pricey, such as necklaces or small jewellery.  You may also look at other smaller items like an old fashioned fountain pen for writing those long letters. There’s a mini revival going on, after years of emails: the pen is making a comeback!  Just be sure to pack these small precious gifts in your carry-0n bag so they stay with you at all times.

Buy something in the airport or at the destination

 Airport Shops

This is the kind of thing that you shouldn’t really try unless you have done your homework. If you are buying electronics or perfume then there are bargains to be had in the departure lounge if you are traveling internationally.  Research the items that you’re thinking of buying before you fly and get as much detail as possible, like model number, size, name, and so on. Once you find a competitive price you can buy with confidence at the airport. However, if the price at the airport is higher than you could have paid at home… your stranded, because you have no other choice!  The airport shops are also a great place to pick up a memento from your city to bring to another destination.

Buy clothes

Clothes as Gifts

This is kind of an easy one because clothes can’t get damaged in your suitcase (unless the case goes missing!). Clothes can also be tagged as ‘boring’ or ‘risky’ as anyone who has bought clothes for their loved one can testify, so it can be a tense moment when that present gets opened. Therefore think of clothes that aren’t available in the destination, think of the people you are buying for and see if you can ‘profile’ their tastes and find something appropriate.  Slip the item you’ve purchased into your luggage and add a flattened box and neatly folded wrapping paper to do a nice wrapping job when you arrive.

Hopefully these little tips will give you some help for making those tricky journeys that bit easier. As airlines make travel harder and harder it’s our job to adapt to their rules and think smart!

About The Author:  Sachi is one of those crazy fanatics during Christmas, who manages to do his Xmas shopping last minute. He currently sources Personalised Christmas baubles for the online retailer Personalised Gift Shop.

Editor’s Note:  Here’s a handy-dandy baggage fee comparison chart for all major airlines.

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