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30 Nov

Take The Kids On A Fossil Hunting Adventure In Great Britain

Prehistoric Britain – Great places to take the kids fossil hunting

Fossil Hunting in Britain

If you’re looking for a bit of a different family outing next summer, why not go fossil hunting? The UK is absolutely packed to the rafters with fossils and it isn’t just trained archaeologists that can go hunting for them – you too can unearth some prehistoric finds! No matter where you live in the UK you can be guaranteed that you will be just a stone’s throw from some amazing fossil finds, so get hunting now!

Your kids will be amazed at what they can find, and it will definitely make for a memorable family day out. You could even find somewhere to go fossil hunting for a family holiday you have booked, so you could spend one of your days on your break out fossil finding on the beach.

Here are some of our favourite places to take your kids fossil hunting in the UK:

Brora in North Scotland

Brora is located in North Scotland and is ideal for family days out. The area itself makes it perfect for family outings, so even if you aren’t successful with your fossil hunting you can still enjoy a pleasant day. The majority of the fossils in Brora are located around the mouth of the river, and they¬† turn up most often after a heavy rainstorm. The most common kinds of fossils to find in these Jurassic Rocks include ammonites and shells. In order to find the fossils, you’ll need to do some rock splitting, which can make it all the more fun!

Howick in Northumberland

There is a long stretch of beach in Howick that is ideal for fossil hunting. You will be able to source a varied selection of fossils in Howick and kids will love the area as it is quite secluded and gives the ideal opportunity to concentrate on seeking out those well-hidden fossils. For example, you can find trilobites, coals, brachiopods and plant fossils, as well as many others, and the area has excellent access making it easy to traverse for kids.

Redcar in the North East

Redcar is one of the best places for family fossil hunting in the North East and is located close to Millclose Howles. There are a large number of fossils to be found in Redcar, although a lot of them will have been rolled by the sea and so may not be as in perfect condition as you would like. Some may also only be fragments, but kids are still likely to be thrilled with their finds. You can walk along the shingle beach and keep your eyes peeled for any fossils hidden amongst the shingle, and it could help kids to develop a real taste for fossil hunting.

Lyme Regis in Dorset

And finally – this is the hub of fossil hunting in the UK, where families can go to get the best fossils this country has to offer. This location is most famous for the amazing fossil cliffs that surround the beaches, but there will also be opportunities to find some fossils for yourself. Fossils can be plucked from the shingle beach, and the most common finds in Lyme Regis include ammonites and reptiles.

Will you be going fossil hunting anytime soon?

About The Author:  Lesley Sampson is a freelance writer specialising in things to do such as kids days out in Landsend and places to visit in Cornwall.
Photo Credit: Flickr cc – Dana&Rob

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