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5 Dec

Why Savannah Continues To Charm as a Top Tourist Destination

Why Savannah Ranks Amongst The Top Tourist Destinations

There are many reasons why Savannah, Georgia is one of the top tourist destinations in the United States.  It is a charming city that is rich with history and packed with fun activities.

Forsyth Park Savannah GeorgiaNo matter what types of attractions pique your interest, you are sure to find an abundant selection in Savannah. It is a great place for a family vacation or a romantic getaway alike, especially when you book one of the many wonderful midtown hotels.  Here are ways to discover why Savannah is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and a top tourist destination.

Christmas In Savannah

This area is very popular at Christmas time and over the holiday period.  The area offers much in the way of festive tours and events, such as the Holly Jolly Trolley Tours.  These tours offer a wonderful opportunity to get together with both locals and tourists alike and enjoy caroling around the area on a beautifully decorated trolley.  There are evening tours around the Historic District and finish with a trip to a secret location where visitors will find a specially laid on holiday feast.

St. John the Baptist Cathedral

This is a must see while visiting Savannah. The beauty of the cathedral will take your breath away. The original cathedral was constructed in 1799 by the French colonists who were the first to arrive in the area. The cathedral seen today was redone towards the end of the 19th century. The most popular aspects include the detailed gold-leaf designs, the Italian marble altar and the breathtaking stained-glass windows. To make this attraction even more irresistible, it is free to visit.

River Street

River Street SavannahFamous River Street runs along the Savannah River defining the Waterfront district. The area is perfect for afternoon strolls where you can stop in sidewalk cafes, seafood joints and souvenir shops as you make you way along the cobblestone street. It is also a great place to have a little fun at night with the variety of lively pubs and other nightlife attractions.

Savannah Ghost Tours

Some of the most famous tours in Savannah are the ghost tours. It is thought to be one of the most haunted places in America. Where the city now stands, there were many previous cemeteries. When the homes and buildings were built, the grave sites were incorporated into them. Some remains were moved from the city, while others were not. It is up to you to find out if they still remain! Some of the top tours include the Blue Orb Ghost Tours and the Haunted Pub Tour.

Telfair Museum of Art

This museum is another must see while visiting the Savannah area. It is the oldest public art museum in the southern part of America. The museum has more than 4,500 pieces of art to enjoy that include paintings from the Impressionist period and plaster casts of famous sculptures such as the Venus de Milo. They also have furniture from the Telfair family homestead.

A visit to Savannah will be filled with historic attractions, nature, shopping, lively nightlife and some possible ghosts! With so many things to do and see, the above are just some of the top places to visit during your trip.

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