Guide To Airline Fees for Skis and Other Winter Gear

Vacation Guidelines: Airlines Fees for Skis and Winter Gear

Airline Baggage Fees for Skis

When considering an upcoming ski vacation, deciding on location is half the battle. There are mountains to be located, paths to be explored, and most importantly, adventures to be had. For many, this means heading to a favorite skiing resort each year. For others, however, it means trying out new places for an array of varying slopes. And while this decision is certainly an important one, even more important is how you get there.

As of 2008, coach class airline passengers have to pay for their ski equipment to travel with them during domestic flights, a law that has cost ski lovers considerably.

Check out the chart below to find out who will charge, and for what, the next time you pack up your snow skiing gear.

American Airlines
1st bag $25, 2nd bag $35, additional pieces $150
One snowboard/pair of skis, and one boot bag are considered one piece of checked baggage. Skis/snowboard cannot exceed 126 inches, while boot bag cannot exceed 45 inches (adding length, width, and height).

Delta Airlines
1st bag $25, 2nd bag  $35 within Canada and the United States
One ski/pole bag (or snowboard bag), along with one boot bag per person is allowed. If exceeding 50 pounds, combined, excess fees are charged. Bags cannot be larger than 80 inches without additional fees.

1st bag, free, 2nd free, 3rd-9th $50 each, beyond $110 each
Ski equipment can be exchanged for a free checked bag, including one snowboard/set of skis and one pair of boots – all within containers or packages.

1st checked bag: $25, 2nd bag $35
Flyers can pack “up to two pairs” of skis and equipment into a single bag, along with one boot bag as checked baggage. However, if other items are included within the boot bag, it will be feed as checked baggage. Bags will also be charged extra when weighing more than 50 pounds, and excess valuation can not be credited to these items.

US Airways, Air Canada, AirTran, Skywest, JetBlue ExpressJet, and more all have similar fee policies on checked luggage and equipment. While the fine print tends to vary, in the United States airline market, it looks as though added fees are here to stay. However, the same lines offer free checked luggage for international travel, saving funds during your long-term trip. Check with your provider when traveling cross-country, or when traveling outside of North America.

With these ever-growing fees, many have caused many to drive to their skiing locations, or rent once they arrive. To find the best option for your wallet and your skills, check with your resort and surrounding areas for equipment rental policies. While you may not be able to take your lucky set of poles, you may just save hundreds along the way.

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